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Jim Corbett Adventure

Jim Corbett Adventure – Rappelling, Trekking, Paragliding, Trekking, Timings,Bridge SlitheringRiver crossing

The Rappelling is a fun game which is based completely on energy. One should warm up their muscles to play this adventure. The Rappelling can be done with the help of a rope , one end of the rope is tied to a cliff, and with help of other equipment one can climb the rock or a mountain to reach the top to complete their journey of Rappelling .

Permitted Area :

Location Mountains & Cliffs
Note : Allowed for above 15 year age groups

 Distance  & Duration:

From (1st End) Below the Mountain
To (Last End i.e., to the top) Cliff
Duration 2 – 3 hrs (Depend on Rappelling Speed)

 Paragliding  :

Paragliding is the popular sport of Corbett. As one can have the pleasure of flight through paragliding at feasible charges. The Paragliding ranges at different altitudes at different durations. One can participate in paragliding under the supervision of pilot. The Paragliding is a scary adventurous fun.

Timings :

Winter Summer
Timings 9:30am to 4:30 pm Timings 7:30 am to 5:30 pm
Best Season Monsoon
 Allowed Throughout the year

 Flying Levels (Approximate Cost):

Flying Levels Cost Altitudes Duration
High Rs 5500/- 4000 ft 15-20minutes
Medium Rs 1400/- 2000 ft 03-10 minutes
Long Rs 6500/- 5000ft 30-45 minutes

Trekking  :

The Corbett National Park allows the tourists for trekking, but specially in the zone of Sitabani. This allows the tourists to explore the beauty of Corbett. The trekking to Corbett allows to take a complete glance of the dense forests, rivers, ancient temples and wildlife species etc, But Corbett facilitates a short treks.

Trekking Permitted Area :

Location Sitabani

 Distance to reach:

From Ramnagar 2 Km away
(Best Time : 15 Nov – 15 June)

 Fishing & Angling:

The Corbett National Park is famous for many land animals , for wild flora and fauna. The Corbett National Park  is composed of the beautiful flow of the river of Ramganga and other rivers like Kosi , Mandal , and Kothri. These rivers are full of water animal species hence the forest government decided to facilitate the feature of Fishing and Angling for the sake of tourists to make their trip more memorable in Corbett.

Hiring Rod Charges :

Fishing Rod

(For) Hire

Rs 500/-

(Per day Per beat)

Note :4 Beats are permitted : Per day 1 Beat

 Areas Permitted For Fishing & Angling:

  • Ramganga River
  • Kosi River
  • Mandal River
  • Kothri River

 Note :

  • Participants must & should carry their Own tackle, rods, spinning reels, spinners & lures .


Months October to May


Capture Animal Destination
Mahseer & Goonch Ramganga River
Catfish Kosi River

 River Crossing:

The river crossing is one of the adventure game facilitated for the tourists. The river crossing covers entire distance of Kosi river from one end to the other end . One should cross the river with the help of a rope over the river flow. The river crossing adventure is under complete supervision of specialists, so that one can participate in this adventure safely.

Permitted Area :

Location Kosi River


Charges :

Charges Applicable
Note : Charges Depends on the type of Resorts

 Distance  & Duration:

From Kosi River (1st End)
To Kosi River (Last End)

 Timings :

Best Season Monsoon
 Allowed Based on Water level in river Kosi

 Bridge Slithering  :

The bridge Slithering   is a fun loving game , many tourists participate in this event. The Bridge  Slithering in Corbett is carried out under complete guidance.  One should reach the Jhula bridge to have this fun. From Jhula bridge jumps in to the water of river Kosi.

Permitted Area :

Location Kosi River

 Charges :

Charges Applicable
Note : Charges Depends on the type of Resorts

 Distance  & Duration:

From Jhula Bridge
To Kosi River

(Up to)

 Above 6 Feet in to the water

Timings :

Best Season Monsoon
 Allowed Based on Water level in river Kosi

 Guide Facility :

Guide Facility Available
Guide Charges Applicable

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