Narayan Bali Pooja In Haridwar

Narayan Bali in Haridwar is performed to fulfill the unsatisfied desires of the dead soul on earth and remain with them even after death. They cause trouble for their children to escape their own pain. Lord Vishnu explains this to Shree Garuda in Garuda Purana until the funeral rites are properly performed the deceased remains hungry forever and travels day and night in the form of airy light trouble.

Narayan Bali pooja is performed:

1. Immediate family members die unexpectedly or are injured in an accident.
2. Srardha, tarpana, and pitru ancestral rituals are not regularly performed.
3. Involved in a variety of issues ranging from marriage to childbirth to finances.
4. If you have pitru dosh in your birth chart, you may be prone to encountering paranormal, negative, or evil eye.

Who should perform Narayana Bali puja:

1. The Narayana Bali puja should be performed by the family who wants to achieve success in their life and business.
2. It should be performed by someone who has problems like financial problems, educational hurdles, health problems, the desire to have a male child, etc.
3. These are some of the problems for which Narayan Bali puja is performed.

Procedure for Narayan bali pooja:

1. Sankalpam
2. Ganapathy pooja
3. Pretha sankalpam
4. Kalasa stahapana

Benefits of Narayan Bali pooja:

1. Get rid of the ancestral curse and all obstacles and bad dreams.
2. This pooja is for all problems such as marriage and childbirth delays, and financial troubles.
3. Our ancestors will rest in peace and their blessings are secured.
4. Helps to get rid of the negative effect of pitru dosha in the horoscope.
5. Secures the family from all the bad spirits after the performance of rites.

When should Narayan Bali puja be performed:
Narayanbali puja can be performed on these days:

1. Mahalaya pitru paksha
2. Amavasya
3. Poornima or
4. Dwadashi
It can also be performed on important nakshatra days.
Narayanbali puja can be performed on any auspicious tithi.

Note: The puja should not be performed during graham days, Ekadashi, Ashtami, and Dashami.
Dress code to perform narayana bali puja:

1. The person who is going to perform the Narayan Bali puja should bring new clothes to wear.
2. A male devotee wears a dhoti and a shirt. A female devotee is allowed to watch the puja rituals (saree/ chudidhar with dupatta)

Narayana bali puja cost:
Narayana Bali puja cost depends on the factors.

1. Cost varies for Two Day Pooja and Three Day Pooja
2. Cost varies with additional Puja or Homa

Devotees should not consume rice items from the time they leave their place for the puja purpose and non-veg should be strictly avoided.


1. The Narayan Bali Puja in Haridwar is an awe-inspiring testament to the spiritual culture that flourished on the banks of the sacred Ganges.
2. This ritual is designed to appease the spirits of deceased ancestors and embodies the deep belief in continuity. Family relationships that transcend the world of the life of the Ganges enable devotees to Haridwar to become a symbolic bridge between the world and the sacred and spiritual, as they gather together in the ancient city to seek solace and perform rituals to ensure the peace of their ancestors.
3. Haridwar’s spiritual resonance has, over time, formed a backdrop for tradition, providing a backdrop for those who attend the sacred Narayan Bali Puja It provides a great experience for you.