Chennakeshava Temple Belur

Belur Chennakeshava Temple

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Chennakeshava Temple

Belur Chennakeshava Temple History

Chennakeshava Temple, Belur is one of the popular temples of Karnataka. This temple is also known as Vijayanarayana Temple. Lord Chennakeshava worshipped as Lord Keshava. This temple belongs to the 12th Century. This beautiful temple is situated on the river bank of the splendid river Yagachi in Belur.  This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu (Lord Keshava). The temple is one of the massive construction of the popular list of the Karnataka constructions.

Belur Chennakeshava Temple Timings

Morning 7.00 am – 1.00 pm
Evening 2.00 Pm – 8.00 Pm

Chennakeshava Temple Belur Darshan Timings

Sri Chennakeshava Temple:
Thulasi Astottara Rs 15/-
Thulsi Sahasra Nama Rs 100/-
Coconut Seva & Mangalarathi Rs 5/-
Holy Coconut Seva Rs 10/-
Hannu Thuppa Seva Rs 10/-
Garuda Prasada Rs 20/-
Dolosthava Rs 1000/-
Hannerdu Mangalarathi Rs 750/-
Mula Devara Abhishek Rs 2000/-
Usthava Murthi Abhishek (Swamy) Rs 1000/-
Sri Sowmyanayaki Ammanavara Sannidhi:
Kumkuma Astothara Rs 15/-
Kumkuma Sahasthra Nama Rs 100/-
Ammanavara Abhisheka Rs 2000/-
Ammanavara Abhisheka (Usthava Murthy) Rs 1250/-

Other Sevas:

Kivi Chuchuudhu Rs 100/-
Upanayana Rs 200/-
Madhuve Kanike Rs 500/-
Alaya Shudda Mantapa Rs 500/-
Choula Karma Rs 100/-
Bike & Riksha Pooja Rs 5000/-
Bus & Lori Pooja Rs 100/-
Sri Ganapathi Sannidhi:
Kumkumarchane Rs 20/-
Sahasthrana Amarchane Rs 20/-
Panchamrutha Abhisheka Rs 600/-
Sankasta Chouthi Pooje Rs 50/-
Prasadha Seva:
Nimbhehannina Chithranna Seva Rs 250/-
Puliyogare Rs 300/-
Curd Rice Rs 230/-
Sakkre Pongal Rs 750/-
Ravekshira Rs 750/-
Uppu Pongal Rs 500/-
Kadlekaalu Guggari Rs 250/-

Festivals celebrated in the temple along with the price:

Belligarudothsava Rs 1250/-
Belli Hanumanthosthava Rs 1250/-
Lakshmi Uthsava Rs 1250/-
Shayanosthva Rs 1250/-
Shanthi Uthsava Rs 1400/-
Kere Mantapadi Seve Rs 1400/-
Krishna Gandhosthava Rs 1400/-
Pushpa Mantaposthsava Rs  2500/-
Prahalladha Pripaalanothsava Rs 1400/-
Thepposthava Rs 10000/-
Kalparuksharohanothsava Rs 1250/-
Naagavalli Mahothsava Rs 1400/-
Davanamantapothsava Rs 1400/-
Prabha Sametha Belli Garudothsava Rs 1250/-
Kanakaandhi Rs 1250/-
Sharadhaalankarothsava Rs 1250/-
Ane Uthsava Rs  2500/-
Mohini Alankarothsava Rs 2500/-
Suryamandalothsava Rs 2500/-
Chandramandalothsava Rs 2500/-
Sheshavahanothsava Rs 2500/-
Anathapeetarohanothsava Rs  2500/-
Anantha Padhmanabhothsava Rs  2500/-
Raasakridothsava Rs  2500/-
Hoovina Addapallkki Uthsava Rs 2500/-
Hamsavananothsava Rs  2500/-
Shibhikarohanothsava Rs  2500/-
Bellimantapothsava Rs  3400/-
Kalyanothsava Rs 5000/-
Dhoddagarudothsava Rs 4000/-
Mahabhisheka Rs  2000/-
Unjalothsava Rs 1300/-
Prakaarothsava(Garuda/Hanumantha) Rs 1000/-
Astatheertha Rs 1000/-
Ankurarpane Rs 500/-
Garuda Prathiste Rs 500/-
Yaaga Shale Pravesha Rs 500/-
Urutane Rs 500/-
Yaathra Dhana Rs 500/-
Kesari Mantapadi Seve Rs 500/-
Sandhana Seve Avamrutha Rs 500/-
Poornahuthi Rs 500/-
Pushpa Yaaga Rs 500/-
Kudhure Vaahanothsava Rs  2500/-

Chennakeshava Temple Belur Location

Beluru Sri Chennakeshava Temple, Temple Rd, Belur, Karnataka 573115, India.

How to Reach Chennakeshava Temple?

By Air:

Benguluru Airport to the temple – 47.8 km

By Train:

Benguluru Railway Station to the temple- 17 km

By Road:

The Temple of Lord Chennakeshava is well connected with many major cities; also many private vehicles are easily available for hire.

Benguluru Bus Station to the temple – 220 KM

Contact Number

For More details and tour booking and for hotel bookings please contact – 8500898000, 9393939150 or visit our site