Yelagiri Hill Station

Yelagiri Hill Station Overview, History, Festivals, Best time to visit

Yelagiri is known as Tirupattur Yelagiri the small hill station in Tamil Nadu. It is located at 3643.70 Feet above the sea level. The place is spread over 30 sq. Km. Yelagiri is enclosed with Orchards, Green Valleys, and Rose-Garden. The hill station previously is not as developed as other hill stations like Ooty, Kodaikanal of Tamil Nadu, but the state government took an initiation to develop the hill into tourist destination by introducing sports such as Rock climbing (trekking) and paragliding. The hill station comprises 14 small villages and a number of temples spread across the hill.

Yelagiri is the shelter for thousands of Snakes. The highest point is Swamimalai Hill in Yelagiri which is 4,338 feet above the sea level.

yelagiri view


The hill of Yelagiri is a private property of Yelagiri Zamindar Family in the past and the government of India took the property in the 1950’s. The house of the Zamindar still exists in Reddiyur. Fr. Francis Guezou of Don Bosco made an effort for the upliftment of Tribals in the Hill and was the main reason for the educational upliftment to the people in Yelagiri.


Yelagiri’s daily weather will be very pleasant. The climate will be cool in the Monsoons. In summers where will be rainfall and compared to summer, there will be less rainfall in winter.


The warring soldiers of Tipu Sultan army made the hill as their home. Most of the native population are “Vellala Caunter”. They are also called as Malayali’s or Karalar- One who rules the clouds.  Another population is Irular native group of tribes.

Most of the people are Hindus who worship Lord Shiva as “Nachiappan” and Parvati as “Nachiamma”. The temple of Murugan was built in 1960 on the hill.

Yelagiri Festivals

Yelagiri Hill Station celebrates a festival in May month end which is organized by the State Development Board. Different stalls for flowers show, cultural programs and dog shows of different breeds are conducted every year.

Best time to visit

Throughout the year tourists can visit but the weather is more suitable from November to February.

Places to Visit in Yelagiri

Yelagiri Hill Station houses a number of places for tourists like

Nature Park

Punganoor Lake

Jalagandeeswarar Temple

Swamimalai Hills.

How to Reach

Chennai to Yelagiri – 228 KM

Vellore to Yelagiri – 94 KM

Chittoor to Yelagiri – 127 KM

Tirupati to Yelagiri – 198 KM

Bangalore to Yelagiri – 160 KM


Yelagiri, Tirupattur District, Tamil Nadu – 635853.

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