Ambaji Temple

About the details of Ambaji Temple Timings, How to reach and many more.

Ambaji Temple is the place located in Arasur Hills near the origin of Saraswati River at the Aravali Mountain Range. The temple is dedicated to Arasuri Amba named after the Arasur Hill. This temple is one of the major temples of Shakthi Peetas in India. The history is that Goddess Maa teaches the journey of life to cultivate the heart of a mother. One can feel the inner strength, faith in love, feel pure and unfettered if you visit the temple.

More than 30 Lakh devotees visit the place in spite of their background and religion to bow their heads before Goddess Maa. Devotees from Pre-Vedic times would come here to have darshan. Number of Saints and Sages praised about this Shakthi Peetham in the histories.

History of the Temple

According to the myths, Sati the daughter of Daksha’s burnt her body in the fire at the Daksha Yagna. Lord Shiva out of anger and distress about his wife’s death destructed the Yagna and did Tandava Dance. Later he kept the Sati’s corpse on his shoulder and started roaming out of sorrow. The Sati body started to break into numerous pieces and the parts were fell in various places and are regarded as the Shakthi Peetas. Ambaji is the place where Goddess Sati’s heart fell.

Gabbar Hill at Ambaji Temple

Shrine with no Idol – Ambaji

The temple is famous for the reason of one Shakthi Peetha and the other is the temple does not have an idol to worship Goddess Maa. The temple has the Holy Yantra instead of the Sanctorum. This yantra is placed in the inside chamber of the temple room and no one can see with the normal eye or in the photo. Here one will worship the Goddess Maa with the bandage around the eyes.  

The original place of the temple is on the top of the hill at Gabbar Hill. Large numbers of pilgrims visit this place at the time of the Full Moon Day of every month.


Inside the temple of Ambaji

The temple below the hill is a small temple on which a red flag will dance in the wind. The temple is made with white marble with gold cones built by Nagar Brahmins. The main entrance is only a small side door because it is believed that Ambaji the Goddess of the temple won’t be allowed for any other door. The temple is enclosed with the Chachar Chowk an open square area where ceremonials are performed.

The inner temple is decorated with the silver-plated doors and walls with fixed old-plated marble inscription of Viso Yantra. The temple is not having an idol unlike other temples but a Yantra is placed inside the temple room and wouldn’t be visible to our naked eye or in the photos but the priest decorated the upper portion in such a way that one if looks at the gokh can be seen like the idol of the goddess from a distance.

The main temple is at the hilltop and is a rectangular kund located at a short distance from the temple of Ambaji. The entrance of this temple is from all the 4 sides and is called as Mansarovar.

Best Time to Visit

The Best Time to Visit the temple is from October to February.

Festivals Celebrated in the temple

A Large mela (fare) will be conducted at the time festivals. All the festivals related to Hinduism are celebrated but the temple celebrated Full Moon (Pournami) and Navaratri in a grand manner.

Ambaji Temple Timings

The temple timings of Ambaji from morning 7:00 AM to 11:30 AM in the morning, 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM in the afternoon and 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM in the evenings on all days of the week.

Ambaji Temple Photography

The Photos of Goddess Ambaji are not to be taken. Cameras are not allowed inside the temple. One has to put their mobiles and cameras in the lockers offered by the temple.

Nearest Place to Visit on the Visit to Ambaji

The nearest and attractive place to visit is Mount Abu on the visit to Ambaji. The distance from Ambaji to Mount Abu is 52 KM and has to travel for nearly 2 hours to reach the place.

 How to reach the temple

The distance to Ambaji from Ahmedabad is 188 KM and tourists can travel through cab and bus.

Through Cab/taxi one can reach the place within 4 hours

Through bus from Ahmedabad to Ambaji one has to travel for 4 and half hours to reach the place.

Ambaji Temple Address

Ambaji Temple, Banaskantha District, Gujarat – 385110, India.

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