Beaches at Pondicherry

About Beaches at Pondicherry with their Timings, Entry Fee, Adventures and Things to Do in the beaches, How to Reach and Address.

Pondicherry Overview

Pondicherry is known as Puducherry which is called a Pondy and is regarded as one of the 7 Union Territories of India. This territory used to be a French Colony previously and is a perfect mixture of French architecture and traditional Indian Sensibilities. The French Quarter of Pondicherry is known as the White Town and is dotted with Mustard Yellow on the walls. This place has the chic boutiques and cozy cafes which resembles the French Cuisine and beverages. The city is known for its beaches and the number of tourists visit especially the beaches at Pondicherry.

Pondicherry is topped with the French bakeries, cobblestoned paths, and bohemian stores with the leisurely riding bicycle or a stroll.

Places to Visit in Pondicherry

Pondicherry offers the number of beaches and a number of places to visit some of them are Auroville, Cycling in Pondicherry, Arikamedu, Scuba Diving, Botanical Garden, Lighthouse, French War Memorial, Raj Niwas, Jawahar Toy Museum, Sri Manakula Vinayagar Temple, Pondicherry Museum, and Aurobindo Ashram etc.

Best Time to Visit Pondicherry

The best time to visit the place is in the months of October to March as the temperature will be between 15 to 30 degree Celsius. During summers the temperature may reach nearly 42 degrees so the place will be very hot and couldn’t spend some quality time.

How to Reach

Pondicherry is well connected to the rest of the Country and most of the major cities via Airways, Railways and Busways.

Chennai to Pondicherry the distance is 170 KM and can reach by traveling for 3 hours.

Tirupati Andhra Pradesh to the Place the distance is 229 KM and can reach the place by traveling for 5 hours.

Hyderabad to Pondicherry- 763 KM and reaches the place by traveling for 14 hours.

Bangalore to Pondicherry – 311 KM and take 7 hours to reach the place.


Puducherry, Tamil Nadu 605001, India.

Contact Number

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Top beaches in Pondicherry

Rock Beach Pondicherry

Rock Beach at Pondicherry

Rock Beach Pondicherry is located in the White Town. This Rock Beach is also known as Promenade Beach or Gandhi Beach which is regarded as one of the best beaches in Pondicherry. This beach is located in the heart of the city so it is easily accessible for the tourists. 

Rock Beach Pondicherry Timings

The beach will be open from morning 5:00 AM to evening 8:00 PM

Rock Beach Entry Fee

Entry is free into the rock Beach

How to Reach Rock Beach

The Beach is 3 KM away from the Pondicherry Bus Station

Rock Beach Pondicherry Address

Rock Beach, White Town, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu- 605001, India

Auroville Beach Pondicherry

Auro Beach in Pondicherry

Auroville Beach is also known as Auro Beach and is very close to Auroville. This beach is situated at the right of East Central Railway Zone (ECR). This is the famous weekend destination gathering with families and your loved ones. The best thing to be viewed is the sunrise and sunset as the rays fall on the water in the beach with the seashells, shallows, crystal clear water seemed to be sun-kissing the shore.

Adventures offered in Auroville Beach

Swimming, Surfing, Strolling and can enjoy the view of Pondicherry Lighthouse in the nights.

Auroville Beach Timings

The Beach will be open from morning 6:00 AM till Evening 6:30 PM.

Entry Fee

The entry is for free.

How to Reach

Puducherry to Auroville Beach – 7.4 KM and one has to travel 15 minutes to reach the place.


Auroville Beach, Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu – 605101, India.

Paradise Beach in Pondicherry

Paradise Beach Pondicherry

Paradise Beach is also known as Plage Paradiso. This beach boasts the pristine sands and crystal clear water. The Beach gives you an offer of ferry ride where one can enjoy the beauty of the beach surrounded by a spectacular view. The sunrise along with the beautiful view of the ocean is the perfect memory for any of the tourists and nature lovers.

Paradise Beach timings

The beach will be open from morning 9:00 AM to evening 5:00 PM.

Time to spend

Tourists can spend a maximum of 1 to 2 hours in the Beach

Things to Do in the Beach

Tourists can play sports like cricket, volleyball, football with friends, Can have a long lonely walk on this beach with the loved ones, eat the street food, and watch the beautiful sunrise and sunset.

Paradise Beach Entry Fee

The Entry for the tourists will be Rs 150 per person into the Beach. For Chairs costs Rs 75 per hour.

How to Reach

Pondicherry to Paradise Beach – 12 KM and one has to travel 30 minutes to reach the place.


Paradise Beach, Manaveli Rd, Chinna Veerampattinam, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu 605007, India.

Serenity Beach Pondicherry

Serenity Beach Pondicherry

Serenity Beach is known for its golden sands, playing with the waters of the Bay of Bengal. The beach is surrounded by lovely palm trees. The name Serenity is the perfect match for the Beach as it is very calm and the surroundings will be very peaceful. The beach will be very calm and peaceful and is the perfect escape for the people from the busy world. One can view a number of fishing boats and some of the creepers as you roam around the beach.

Timings of Serenity Beach

The beach will be open from 9:00 AM in the morning till 5:00 PM in the evening.

Entry fee

The entry into the beach is free of cost.

How to Reach

Pondicherry to Serenity Beach – 5.3 KM


Serenity Beach Rd, Kottakuppam, Tamil Nadu, India.

Karaikal Beach

Karaikal Beach

Karaikal Beach in Pondicherry is one of the most popular beaches to visit. This place is visited by local and tourist people. Children’s Park with a number of rides, Tennis Court and several restaurants can be viewed near the beach.

Adventures offered in the beach

One can enjoy the place by participating in the activities offered on the beach. Some of the are boating, canoeing, motor riding, and Kayaking.


 The Beach will be open from sunrise till sunset.

Entry fee

The entry fee will be free for anyone.

How to Reach

Pondicherry Bus Station to the Beach – 134 KM


Karaikal Beach, Karaikal, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu 609602, India.

Mahe Beach

Mahe Beach at Pondicherry

Mahe Beach is the must-visit place for Beaches in Pondicherry. The place is surrounded by Palm trees, and is located very close to the number of villages of Fishermen. The beach is known for its view of perfect sunrise and sunset and can be memorable for a lifetime. Unlike other beaches, this beach is very less crowded and is a very clean beach. This is the best place for photography and some seating is arranged near the beach where one can sit and relax.

This place is best for swimming and also can have a leisure walk around the beach.


The beach will be open from 6:00 AM to evening 7:30 PM

Entry Fee

The entry fee is free for anyone who enters into the beach.


Mahe riverside walkway, Mahe, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu 673310, India.

Quiet Beach

Quiet Beach

Quiet Beach is one of the famous beaches to visit in Pondicherry. As the name suggests the beach is very quiet and peaceful in Pondicherry. It is the best place for the honeymoon couple to spend time with each other. The view of the beach and the soothing cool sea breeze will make u lose from the world.


Sunrise to Sunset

Entry Fee

Free Entry

How to Reach

The beach is 8 KM far from the main city of Pondicherry.


Quiet Healing Center, Chinna Mudaliyar Chavady, Auroville, Chinna Mudaliyar Chavady, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu 605104, India.

Veerampattinam Beach

Veerampattinam Beach 

Veerampattinam Beach is the best place for the Avid Photographers and peace seekers. This beach is located in Pondicherry and is among the longest beach in South India and is the beautiful beaches in India. The villages around the beach are full of greenery throughout the year and are the perfect place for photography as it makes the scenery more photogenic.

Things to do around the Beach

One can be lost in photography, swimming, and fishing.


From morning 6:00 AM to evening 6:00 PM the beach will be open.

Entry fee

The entry into the beach is for free of cost.

How to Reach

Pondicherry to Veerampattinam Beach – 8 KM and can reach the place within half an hour.


Veerampattinam Beach, Veerampattinam, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu – 605007, India.

Reppo Beach

Reppo Beach at Pondicherry

Reppo Beach is one of the most visiting beaches in Pondicherry. This beach is famous for the fishermen who sail along the horizons in the golden dazzling light during evenings and looks like a picturesque view. The beach is a perfect place for letting the wind breeze against our feet and skin. This is the best place to spend time with your loved ones.

Things to Do

Strolling around and swimming are the things you can do here.


The beach will be open from Sunrise to Sunset.

Entry Fee

The entry fee is free of cost.

How to Reach

Pondicherry to Reppo Beach is 7 KM and can reach within 15 minutes.


Repos Guest House, Mariyamman Koil Street, Kottakuppam, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu – 605101, India