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Hayagriva Bihu Details, Timings, Importance

The Bihu Festival is commonly known as the Rongali Bihu, Kaati Bihu and Bhogali Bihu. Bihu is the famous festival of Assamese which is been widely celebrated. The Bihu is the cultural festival, Assamese celebrate it as a major agricultural festival. On Bihu, the Hayagriva temple gets a completely new makeover, the Jolpan, Bihu’s special dish is been served along with other delicacies (bhogs). All kinds of communities of Assam unite at this special festival. Special aarti’s and Darshans will be commenced on this eve.

Hayagriva Bihu Events:

  • On the 1st day of Bihu (Goru Bihu) :
  • All the animals and livestock are taken to the rivers and are allowed to bath with turmeric and pulses paste (Mah Haldi)
  • Jolpan is prepared (Special Bihu Dish)
  • Egg Fight (One Egg is hit with the other egg).
  • On the 2nd day of Bihu (Manohar Bihu) :
  • Folk Dances of different communities.
  • Bodo Community
  • Naga Community
  • Tiwa Community
  • Mishing Community
  • Thengal Community
  • Goalparia Folk Dance
  • Bihu Folk Dance
  • Performance of 7 sisters.

Hayagriva Bihu Timings:

The Bihu is celebrated for 3 times :

  • Rongali Bihu – April
  • Kaati Bihu – October
  • Bhogali Bihu – January

All these special events will be performed either at the temple premises or at  “Rang Ghar”, it is one of the oldest Amphitheaters in Asia. A great crowd of different communities gather and celebrate Bihu in a sound manner.

How To Reach Hayagriva Bihu:

BY ROAD :·       Adabari Bus Stand – Guwahati – 25 Km (Nearest)
BY TRAIN :·       Guwahati Railway Station – 32.3 Km(Nearest)
BY AIR :·       Guwahati Airport – 35.7 Km(Nearest)

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