Hogenakkal Falls Tamil Nadu

Hogenakkal Falls Tamil Nadu Overview, Boating, Things to do, Timings, Entry Fee, Boat Charges

Hogenakkal Falls Tamil Nadu are the sparkling waterfalls located on the river Kaveri in Dharmapuri District. The Hogenakkal means ‘smoking rocks’ which is the unique rock ordering that exists around the fall. The falls are called the ‘Niagara Falls of India’ as the fall gush the cascades and is known for its beauty.

The Kaveri River is divided into different streams and flow through multiple steps making the place a wonderful site. The rocks by these falls are the oldest in the world and the oldest in South Asia. The water of the falls is used as the drinking water as the water flows over the different number of herbs on the path of its flow and has the medicinal properties.

One can enjoy the beauty of the waterfall and the surroundings by having a boat ride in the river.

Importance of the Hogenakkal Falls

The Hogenakkal falls has the medicinal values as the water flows over number herbs grown in between the rocks. There is a saying that if we have the water the person will get rid of their illness. People from far of places will visit the fall and show the interest to play and have a bath in the water and enjoy having health benefits. One can see the local people offering massage to the tourists visiting there.

Boating in Hogenakkal Falls

Hogenakkal Fall Boating

The beauty of the Hogenakkal falls Tamil Nadu can only be enjoyed on the boat ride. The boat ride can be attractive in the dry seasons as the water of Kaveri River is peaceful during the dry season. The boats are basket-shaped decorated with bamboo, plastic sheets or the animal hide for the bottom. The boat is 2.5 meters wide and 8 members can be seated for their boat ride with a single wooden paddle. The river is home for a wide variety of fishes and there are stalls which sell the fishes.

Trekking in Hogenakkal Falls

Trekking is another activity that can be enjoyed by the tourists in Hogenakkal Falls Tamil Nadu. The activity takes you to the gentle rocks, greenery and adventurous at the same time. The place offers trekking option for both beginners and seasoned trekkers as the place doesn’t have difficult levels for trekking.

Places to visit near Hogenakkal Falls

The best place to be visited is the Hogenakkal viewpoint is where one can have a beautiful view of the whole Hogenakkal Falls. One can also visit the crocodile rehabilitation centre, Krishnagiri dam, Kaveri River on their visit to the falls.   


Sunrise to Sunset



Things to do at the falls

Boating and trekking

Time to be spent

2-3 Hours

Entry Fee

Free entry

Boat Charges

Rs 500 per person

How to Reach

Chennai to the fall – 343 KM

Bangalore to the fall – 126 KM

Tirupati to the fall – 313 KM


Dharmapuri – Hogenakkal Rd, Dharmapuri District, Hogenakkal, Tamil Nadu 636810

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