Kalighat Bhoot Chaturdashi History

Kalighat Bhoot Chaturdashi, 14 Lamps, Choddo Prodeep

The day before Kali Puja the Bengali people celebrate the Bhoot Chaturdashi. On Bhoot Chaturdashi the Bengali people lights u 14 lamps hence this festival is also known as Choddo Prodeep which means Choddo means 14 Prodeep means Diya or lamps. On Bhoot Chaturdashi people pray to goddess Kali and lights up 14 diyas or lamps it is believed that by lightening these lamps will remove evil, negative energy from homes. Also, they cook a delicacy called “Choddo Shaak” which is cooked by using 14 different types of vegetables (leafy vegetables). The people only have the Choddo Shaak on the Bhoot Chaturdasi.

Chothyo Saag 14 Vegetables Used :

1.    Yam Leaves2.    Baby Chard

3.    Baby Kale

4.    Spinach

5.    Lal Shaak (Red Amaranth)

6.    Kolmi Shaak

7.    Shoreshe Shaak

8.    Pui Shaak9.    Motor (Pea) Shaak

10. Kochu Shaak

11. Radish (Muli) Shaak

12. Meethi Shaak

13. Paat Shaak (Jute Leaves)

14. Green Turnips (Olkopi)

Kalighat Bhoot Chaturdashi Timings & Rituals:

·       Celebrated Annually (Every Year)

October / November

(One Day before Kali Puja)


BY ROAD :·       Kalighat Metro Station – 1 Km (Nearest)
BY TRAIN :·       Howrah Railway Station – 9.7 Km(Nearest)
BY AIR :·       Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport – 23.2 Km(Nearest)