Kanha Tiger Reserve History

Kanha Tiger Reserve is also called as the “Kanha National Park”, It is located in the Mandla and Balaghat Districts in Madhya Pradesh. It is also closed to the Maikal ranges of Satpura in Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the Tiger Reserve of India and Largest National park of Madhya Pradesh. The Kanha was divided into two Sanctuaries they are Hallon and Banjar.

The Kanha National park was established in the year June 1st,1955 and in 1973 Kanha tiger reserve was formed. Today it occupied the Area over the Mandla and  Balaghat districts are 940 sq km and totally it occupied the 1067 sq km. hence it the one of the largest National park and also it took place in one of the top ten famous of Tourist places.

Flora And Fauna’s

It Is a Huge Dense Forest, surrounded by huge kinds of trees, birds, Animals, insects etc.

Flora: Kanha is reserved for the number of species of flowering plants and also mixed of trees and also a home for grassland. Also, it is a deciduous dense forest with Bamboos trees. It is one of the best meadows for animals like Barasinga, aquatic plant are also available. Different types of herbs, shrubs, and trees can be found in this dense forest.

Fauna: Different kind of Animals Have taken shelter in this dense forest. Few of them are :

Tigers, Swamp deer (Barasinga), Wild dogs, spotted deer, Sambar, wild cats, foxes and Jackels, leopards, four horns –Antelope etc.

Barasinga: It is one of the rarest species which we can find in the Kanha national park. It is also called as the swamp deer. Its free form of the population still restricted here and few of them can also found in the Satpura national park. It totally depends upon the Grass. It is one of the most conservation species in the world.

Tiger: we can see the tigers in the zoo’s or in the circus but we can see here on live how it can lead a life in that habitat can be watched here. It is the physically powerful carnivorous animal. It can be live in the different habitats with climatic conditions like temperature, humidity rainfall and etc. due to its hunting skill, it will in the topmost position in the biological chart.

Gaur: It is one of the largest wild cattle in the world. It is typed Indian buffalo and it is looking like large body with large head. Gaur feeds grass, herbs, leaves, barks, bamboo.

Leopard:  It is one of the kind in wild cats which we can found in Kanha park. Leopard itself can adjust to any kind of environment, climatic conditions, etc. It is a very clever Nocturnal predator it can eat the small animals and wild animals. It can easily climb the trees also having the good vision and hearing.

Best Time to Visit Kanha National Park:

October to June is the best time to visit, even though it’s a summer in March trees are going to shed their leaves and can have a beautiful scenario, it can be clicked. During summer its very hot and the temperature is up to 40.°C.  In winter it is up to 23°C   during rainy season rainfall average is 152cm. The park is closed from July to mid-November.

Kanha Tiger Reserve Entry Timings:

Morning Visiting Hours: 6:30 am to 11 am

Evening Visiting Hours : 3 pm to 6 pm

Places Around Kanha National Park:

  • Kanha Museum
  • Bamni Dadar
  • Bandhavgarh National Park
  • Jabalpur
  • Pench National Park
  • Tadoba National Park

Jungle Safari at Kanha National Park:

At Kanha, Safari Timings are fixed and allowed a limited number of vehicles, and can also book in prior or else on arrival at the current window. In each vehicle 6 members, tourist and one driver and one guide will be allowed. Also there four zones available to cover all the forest they are :

  1. Kisli Zone
  2. Kanha Zone
  3. Mukki Zone
  4. Sarhi Zone

Vehicles are allowed in each shift to enter National Park Are:

Safari Zones Kisli Zone Kanha Zone Mukki Zone Sarhi Zone
Morning shift 18 40 40 27
Evening Shift 18 40 40 27

Kanha National park Safari Timings:

Kanha National park remains open from October to June And might be slight changes depends upon the climatic conditions.

Timings Morning Safari Afternoon Safari
October to February Sunrise to 11am 2 pm to sunset
February to April Sunrise to 11am 3 pm to sunset
April to June Sunrise to 10 am 3:30 pm to sunset

How to reach Kanha Tiger Reserve?

By Road

Jabalpur is the nearest place to reach Kanha National park, apart from Jabalpur there is other connectivity to reach the Kanha national park are Nagpur, Raipur, Bilaspur, Bhilai, Bandhavgarh National park, Pench national park.

By Train

Nearest Railway station is Gondia and Jabalpur. Gondia is 140 km away from the Kanha national park and Jabalpur is 160 km away from the Kanha national park.

By Air

Nearest Airport is Jabalpur which is 175 km away from the Kanha national park.