Mahabalipuram Beach Kanchipuram

Mahabalipuram Beach

Mahabalipuram Beach – History, Location, Timings, Water Sports

Mahabalipuram Beach History

Mahabalipuram beach is one of the popular destinations, this place is the full surprise. One can come across many ancient historical monuments, beautiful stories, artwork and many more, the beach spectacular during the sunrise and sunset. Apart from that, the Shore Temple is the attraction point of this beach. The shore temple has a bowl which is filled water, but the attracting point is that once the water is removed from the bowl it’s again gets refilled which makes you feel amazed. Also, the beach has many water sports like surfing, diving, boating which attracts the adventure lovers. Also, this place gets the local produce. Many small hotels and resorts are available at this beach, so one can enjoy their stay by enjoying the beach view and one can enjoy their meal watching the beautiful weather. This place looks heaven in the evenings, with the perfect combo of the beautiful sunrise, the hot corn, fried chips, and the local chats completes the holiday trip.

Mahabalipuram Beach Timings

Sunset to Sunrise

Mahabalipuram Beach Water Sports

  • Wind Surfing
  • Water Diving
  • Motor Boating

Note: Charges Applicable

Mahabalipuram Beach Duration

   2 hours

Best time to Visit Mahabalipuram Beach Kanchipuram:

October to March

Mahabalipuram Beach Location


Kanchipuram (Dist)

Tamil Nadu


  • Shore Temple
  • Krishna Mandap
  • Pancha Pandava Rathas
  • Dakshinachitra
  • Five Rathas (Pancha Rathas)
  • Tiger’s Cave
  • Arjuna’s Penance


  • Food Available for Purchase
  • Bathroom Available

Mahabalipuram Beach Accommodation

  • Available near the beach.

Nearby Restaurants

  • Silversands Beach Resort
  • Mamallaa Heritage
  • Janani Guest House
  • Chariot Beach Resort
  • Radisson Resort Temple Bay

How to Reach Mahabalipuram Beach?

By Air:

Chennai International Airport (nearest)          – 55 km

By Train:

Chengalpattu Railway Station (nearest)         – 29 km

Chennai Central (nearest)                               – 56 km

By Road:

Chengalpattu Bus Stand (nearest)                  – 29 km

Regular Buses and Privet Vehicles are available from Chengalpattu, Chennai, Kanchipuram, and Pondicherry.