Parasuram Kund Tezu

Parasuram Kund Tezu History, Timings, Darshan, Pooja details.

Parasuram Kund History

The Parasuram Kund situated on the plateau of river Brahmaputra which reaches to the Lohit river which is 21 kilometres north to Tezu in the district of Lohit of Arunachal Pradesh. India is full of incarnations where miracles exists . During the period of Ramayana Lord Parshuram Spreaded his virtues.

The puranas says that Maharishi Jamadagni(father of Parshuram) while meditating , Raja Sahastrabahu with his huge army reached the ashram .Maharishi Jamadagni welcomed the king and his army with huge respect and provided a magnificent hospitality to the King and to the huge army .The King was shocked that how could a saint (tapasvi) could afford the massive level of hospitality.

The king enquired and got to know that the reason for all the hospitality is a cow named Kamadenu. The King due to his greed wanted Kamadenu and to grab Kamadenu , the King killed Maharishi Jamadagni. The evil King also wanted to grab Devi Renuka (mother of Parshuram). Devi Renuka to protect herself from the evil King sacrificed her life by jumping into the river water.

It is believed that the water streams are the resemblance of Devi Renuka. Later the deities gave back her life . Sacrifices doesn’t go in vain, Devi Renuka got her life back and gave us a moral that values are important than life.The Lord Parshuram pitrubakthi is very famous it is said that Maharishi Jamadagni due to some reason got angered and ordered Lord Parshuram to kill Devi Renuka. Parshuram followed his father’s words and killed Devi Renuka by his weapon axe.

By his action Maharishi Jamadagni was pleased and granted a wish to Parshuram, the Lord asked to give back the life of Devi Renuka, in this way Devi Renuka was alive for second time. The Parshuram temple is a symbol of honesty, justice and humanity. People from all over the country visit Parshuram Khund from there one has to climb nearly 200 steps to the temple.

The temple is dedicated to the Lord Parshuram, there is also a shrine dedicated to Devi Renuka . Lord Parshuram is the 6th avtar of Sri Maha Vishnu, there is a dashavtar temple dedicated to Sri Maha Vishnu with all the ten distinct avtars of Lord Vishnu.

The people believe that the people who get holy dip from the Parshuram Kund will get rid of all kinds of sins. This Place is famous for its holiest belief and for its serene beauty.

Parasuram Kund Timings

During the period of November to February


PLACES TO VISIT Parasuram Kund:

Parshuram Kund For  Holy Dip
Tezu Site view of climate and its beauty.
Glow Lake Famous for its scenic beauty (covered with snow)
Parshuram Temple Temple dedicated to Lord Parshuram

Parasuram Kund FESTIVALS :


Ø Celebrated annually in the month of Jan (Makarsankranthi).

Ø Followed by a holy bath.

Ø Devotees also put their ashes (asthiyan) and other stuff to gain peace.

How to reach Parasuram Kund?


·        (Nearest)  Mohanbari Airport – 195 Km (approx)


·       (Nearest)Tinsukia Railway Station –  160 Km


·       (Nearest) Tinsukia Bus Stand – 145 Km