Places To Visit In Tezu

Tezu Arunachal Pradesh

Tezu is the headquarters of Lohit District in Arunachal Pradesh, 4th largest town in the state and one of its most developed. Tezu is boasts of beautiful rivers and valleys. Mishmi tribes are early inhabitants of this land and their history dates back to the period of the epic Mahabharata. Tezu includes picturesque lakes, religious sites and wildlife sanctuary.    


                Mishmi Festival- Tamladu Puja.

                Adi Festival

                Monpa Festival.

Best Time To Visit:

                April to July.

                September to  October.

How to Reach Tezu:

                Tezu Airport to Tezu – 4 KM.

                Naharlagun to Tezu – 361 KM.

                Arunachal Pradesh Bus Station to Tezu – 192 KM.

Address: Tezu, Arunachal Pradesh 792001.              

Places To Visit In Tezu:

1. Dong:

Dong is the place in easternmost part of India and it has the honour of having the first sunrise in India. It is situated near Walong Circle. One can have a spectacular view of snow-capped mountains and the blue pine tree forest is worth seeing besides having a brief view of the first sunray.

How to Reach Dong: Tezu to Dong – 220 KM.               

2. Parasuram Kund:

Parasuram Kund is situated in Kamlang Reserve Forest area, Lohit District of Arunachal Pradesh. The Kund is surrounded by the dense forest of Rudraksha Trees. Sage Parasurama washed away his sin of Matricide in the waters of Loht River at Brahma Kund. Each year thousands of pilgrims from all over the country gather on Makar Sankranti Day to wash away their sins.

How to Reach Parasuram Kund: Tezu to Parasuram Kund – 47 KM.

3. Glow Lake:

The most perfect amongst the water bodies in Kamlang Sanctuary is the Glow Lake. Glow Lake covers an area of 8 sq. km.  The lake is only accessible by trekking.

How to Reach Glow Lake: Glow Lake is a part of Kamlang Sanctuary.              

4. Walong:

Walong is a part of Anjaw District and is mainly known for its memorials to the Indians died during the 1962 Sino- Indian War. It is the eastmost town where the first sun ray falls in India. Walong is also known for Hot Water Spring.

How to Reach Walong: Tezu to Walong – 200 KM.          

5. Chaglagam:

Chaglagam is a wonderful location to make nature lovers mesmerize and is a scenic location to the left of Dalai River.

Activities In Chaglagam: Adventurous sports such as trekking, angling and Rafting.

How to Reach Chaglagam: Tezu to Chaglagam – 170 KM.               

6. Hawa Camp:

Hawa Camp is the extensive eye view of the glorious  Lohit Valley and the sunrise-sunset view from this location. Best for Ideal Picnic Spot.

How to Reach Hawa Camp: Tezu to Hawa Camp – 43 KM.

7. Tezu Botanical Garden:

Tezu Botanical Garden is the place for varieties of flora that covers about 23 hectares of land. It is also home to varieties of medicinal plant species and it also includes some rare species. The place experiences the sweet smell and fresh environs of nature. This garden is an ultimate escape from a busy life.

How to Reach Tezu Botanical Garden: Tezu to Garden – 1 KM.

8. D’Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary:

The D’Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary is a home for different species of plants, wild animals, trees and birds. It is home to two of the great cats-the Tiger and the Leopard. Here you will find the endangered Takin, Hoolock Gibbon, Red Panda, Slow Lories and Capped Langur. Apart from these animals, wild buffaloes, wild elephants, Hog Deer etc. are found here in plenty. The Sanctuary is home to a species of resident birds and heaven to different species of migrating birds.

How to Reach D’Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary: Tezu to the sanctuary – 127 KM.            

10. Tezu Park:

An ideal place for spending with family and friends that is situated in the Centrally located in the tow is Tezu Park. The Park is well-maintained with a lot of flora. Lot of people come here to have a daily leisurely walk. There are a number of rides to keep the children engaged.

How to Reach Tezu Park: Tezu to Park – 2.2 KM.

11. Tezu District Museum And Craft Centre :

Tezu District Museum and Craft Centre is a popular tourist destination. The museum has a beautiful collection of tribal artefacts includes Handloom crafts, cane crafts, cultural artefacts of tribes and the tribal belongings such as weapons, costumes and ornaments. The museum was established in 1956.

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