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The Simlipal National Park of  Mayurbhanj exhibits a wide range of grasslands, scintillating waterfalls, running deer, roaring tigers, flowing rivers, giant elephants, singing mynas, frolic peacocks …and so much beauty and adventure to see. The Simlipal is stretched to an area of 2750Km2. It is well known for its biosphere reserve also it is one of the tiger projects also a national park of India.

            Like other National parks, the Simlipal national park also shows a wide range of species diversity.

Unlike other sanctuaries, it exhibits a huge range of rainfall, moist and deciduous forests. It shows about 29 types of reptiles, 231 species of Aves (birds) and 1076 species of mammals. The air of the Simlipal is scented with champak flowers, the royal look of orchids pleasing the minds with its beauty.

The rivers Salandi, Palpala, Khairi and Budhabalanga flows from the hills gives a portrait view of nature. The majestic walk of the elephant’s herd at a single look can be viewed here, the Simlipal is known to be elephants reserve. In 1973 May Simlipal is designated for Project Tiger and in 1956 it was designated as the tiger reserve.

And in 1979 The Government of Odisha announced the Simlipal as the wildlife sanctuary. The Simlipal is a biosphere among the eighteen of the nation (India).

The Simlipal shows a wide range of flora and fauna it hosts about 1076 species of plants related to 102 different families. Nearly ninety-six species of orchids are spotted, it is a treasury of medicinal plants and floral plants…which is the economic source of tribal people.

Also, the woody trunks of the plants help in improving the freshness of the air also purify the air and act as the residence for the birds. The fauna of Simlipla shows the various range of diversity like thirty-two species of Magars (crocodiles), forty-two types of mammal species and 242 species of birds are been hosted.

Simlipal National Park Entry Fee  :

 Indians  for        – 40 /-
 Foreigners  for   – 1000 /-
 Students  for      –  20  /-

Simlipal National Park Entry Timings:

 6 am to 9 pm

Travelling Facilities:

By Train :

Sambalpur Railway Station   –  40 km

By  Road :

       Balasore Bus Stand  – 55 km

By Air :

Calcutta Airport  –  250 km

Bhubaneswar      –  320 km

Simlipal Tiger Reserve :

Simlipal Tiger Reserve Entry Fee : 

Indians Rs 100 /-
Foreigners Rs 100 /-
Students Rs 30 /-
Children (below 3 years) Free
Physical handicapped Free
Car / Jeep (per vehicle) Rs 100/-


  1. I want to visit simlipal forest in the month of may end. Could you please share me the cost or any details to know about the forest

  2. Is this park open at the month of October?

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