Sim’s Park Coonoor

About Sim’s Park Coonoor along with the history, features, Show, Thing’s to Do, and many more

About Sim’s Park

Sim’s Park in Coonoor is the most attractive place for the tourists on the visit to the Ooty. Tourists should make sure to dedicate some time extra time spending in the park. The Park is home for about 1000 species of vibrant and colorful flowers which gives view of an outstanding destination in Coonoor with a beautiful. All the variety of plants and trees are scattered all over the park. 

The Sim’s Park is located in the Nilgiri Hill in Tamil Nadu in Coonoor. The park is spread over 12 hectares of land is divided into different sections. The park houses the combination of both Park and botanical garden that has beautiful flowers with large lawns and rockeries. The park is also famous for the annual vegetables and fruits that take place here every year in May. The park is visited by number of tourists every year to explore the beauty of the park and the botanical garden

Sim’s Park Coonoor

Features of the Park

The Sim’s Park house 1000 species out of which 255 are generas, 85 different families. The park is home for a wide variety of diverse variety of plants. The most unique thing about the park is the natural shola with winding footpath all over the higher slopes and the well-maintained lawn with beautiful ornamental beds with flowering plants, terraces with flower beds, lawns and rockeries.

The garden house the rare species of economic trees like bead tree or the Rudraksha tree, Queensland Karry pine, Cinnamomum. It also houses graceful trees like Turpentine, Pine, Araucaria, Phoenix, Magnolia, Camellia and Tree Ferns. The park is also famous for the glasshouse with different plants and flowers. Rose Garden has an amazing view of the well-maintained flooring on the other side of the park.

Sim’s Park Show

A 2-days show is conducted for Fruits and Vegetables every year in the last week of May. This annual function is handled by the Department of Horticulture, and are organized successfully from the past 53 years. This show is popular all over the world and attracts more than 25,000 members every year.

Park in Coonoor

History of the Sim’s Park

The Sim’s Park was first started by Mr JD Sim’s and Major Murray in the year 1874. Naturally occurred plants, shrubs, creepers, trees, and some of the unusual species were brought from all over the world for the view in Sim’s Park.

Things to Do at Sim’s Park

Sim’s Park authorities made the park very naturally and active. The place is very much known for photography. The garden is divided into 4 parts. They are the Rose Garden, A Small Lilly Pond, Boating Area, and Flowering Plants. Boating Area attracts every one especially the Children interested in boat rides.  

Sim’s Park Coonoor Entry Fee

The entry fee is Rs 30 per person for adults and for children from 3-12 years the entry fee is Rs 15 per child. For infants and children till 3 years the entry is for free.

Sim’s Park Coonoor Timing

The park will be open from 7:00 AM in the morning till 6:00 PM in the evening

Best time to Visit

Tourists can visit the place from October to February which is regarded as the best time for visiting the place.

Time to spend

One can spend a maximum of 2- 3 Hours from the time of the visit.


Rs 30 will be charged for the still camera and Rs 100 will be charged for the Video Camera.

How to Reach

Coonoor to the park – One can reach the place within 5 minutes by taxi and 15 minutes from Coonoor by having a walk.


Sim’s Park, Coonoor, Walker’s Hill Road, Coonoor, Tamil Nadu 643101, India.

Contact Number

For More details and tour booking and for hotel bookings please contact – 8500898000, 9393939150 or visit our site

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