Thanjavur Maratha Palace

Thanjavur Maratha Palace overview along with the history, architecture, things to do, entry timings and tickets and many more

Thanjavur Maratha Palace is an official residence of the Bhonsle family from 1674 to 1855. This palace is locally known as the Aranmanai. Thanjavur is a district in Tamil Nadu and is a famous worldwide place in the State. The original name of the place is Sivaganga Fort.

The palace is a mixed combination of ruin and renovation. The maze complex of the palace was constructed by the Maratha dynasty and the Nayaks. The palace is known for the mesmerizing art and the royal things. The palace is famous for the Art Gallery and the Saraswathi Mahal Library Museum.

Thanjavur Maratha Palace

History of the Palace

Thanjavur is the capital city of Cholas. The place at present is famous for the two important forts the Little Fort also called the Chinna Kottai and the Big Fort called Periya Kottai. The Thanjavur Palace is located within the Periyar Kottai Complex. After the Cholas and Pandyans Sevappa Nayaks occupied the Thanjavur and became the king in 1532.

Architecture of the Palace

The Thanjavur Maratha Palace was constructed by the rulers of Thanjavur Nayaks. The construction was done from 1534- 1535 by the plenty of the local prisoners of the war as the manual labor.

The main entrance is towards the north with a lane off in the East Main Street. One can find the ticket counter followed by the Palace Complex. The palace was held by the Nayak family till 1647 then took by the Maratha Ruler Venkoji and became the official home for the Maratha. Later the Marathas expanded the original palace complex.

Thanjavur Palace

Things to do in the Palace

The palace has 8 different sections that are open for tourists. Arsenal Tower also known as the Gooda Gopuram, Raja Serfoji Memorial Hall, Royal family temple, Secret Chambers, Underground Tunnel, Saraswathi Mahal Library Museum and Art Gallery along with the Mahratta Darbar Hall, Bell Tower, Saarjah Madi need to get the ticket for exploring the things.

The place leads to the Royal Palace Museum with a small mixture of elephant bells, sculptures, weaponry, and rajas’ headgears.

After exploring the Royal Palace one can see the Maharaja Serfoji Memorial Hall that displays the Maratha Scholar King Serfoji II. The third thing one can see is the Mahratta Darbar Hall where the ruler of Maratha showcases in the grand manner with colorful murals that include their own portraits.

Timings of the Palace

The Palace can be visited from morning 10’o clock till the evening 5’o clock.

Entry Fee

The entrance fee is Rs 50 per person.


Photography allowed inside the palace but the charges are applied as Rs 30 per camera.

Time to spend

Tourists can spend a maximum of 2-3 hours exploring the things in the palace.

Best time to Visit

The palace is good to visit any time in the year but the best time to visit the place is from December to May.

How to Reach

Thanjavur Bus Station to the Palace – 7 KM

Thanjavur Railway Station to the Palace – 3 KM

Thanjavur Airport to the Palace – 11 KM


Maratha Palace, Rajakrisnapuram, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu 613001, India.

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