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Tiruvannamalai Temple Timings

Tiruvannamalai Temple: History, Location, Timings, Pooja Details, Special Days, Festivals, Accommodation, Online Booking, How to Reach

Tiruvannamalai Temple History

Tiruvannamalai Temple also is known as Annamalaiyar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple exhibits the Dravidian style of architecture. The temple celebrates many festivals but the temple grandly celebrates the Karthika Deepam festival. In this temple, Lord Shiva is exhibited in the form of Fire. During Poornima that is the full moon days, the temple gets crowded with the devotees. The temple is one of the amazing beauty of Thiruvannamalai.

Tiruvannamalai Temple Location


Tamil Nadu 606601

Tiruvannamalai Temple Timings

5 am to 12:30 am
4 pm to 9:30  pm

Tiruvannamalai Temple Pooja Timings:



Ukshakala 5:30 am
Kala Santhi 8:00 am
Uchikala 11:30 am
Sayaratchai 5:30 pm
Irandam Kala 7:30 pm
Arthajama 9:00 pm

Tiruvannamalai Temple Pooja Details:

Pooja Details



Swami Amman Milk Abishekam 6:30 am to 9 pm Rs 100 /-
Swami Amman Special Abishekam 6:30 am to 9 pm Rs 2500 /-
Vinayagar , Swami, Amman Special Abishekam   Rs 3000 /-
Panchamoorthigal Abishekam (Vinayagar , Swami, Amman Subramaniar & Chandikeswarar) 8:30 am to 10:30 am

Rs 4500 /-

Parivara Moorthi Sannathi Milk Abishekam (Each Sannadhi) 6:30 am , 8:30 am , 10:30 am Rs 1000 /-
Thirukkalyana Utsavam Special AbishekamPooja   Rs 8500 /-
1008 Sangu Pooja Special Abishekam   Rs 10000 /-
Mahanyasam with Special Pooja   Rs 5000 /-
Anna Dhanam (for 100 persons for one day)   Rs 2500 /-

Tiruvannamalai Temple Festivals:

Festivals Details


Chitirai Vasantha Urchavam 10 days Chitirai (April – May)
Vaikasi Urchavam 1 day Vaikasi (May – June)
Ani Bramorchavam 10 days

Ani Thirumanjanam (Lord Nataraja Urchavan 1 day)

 Ani  (June – July)
Adi Pooram Bramorchavam 10 days Adi (July – August)
Avani Moolam Urchavam  1 day Avani (August – Septmber)
Navarathri Urchavan  9 days Puratasi (September – October)
Annabisheka Urchavam  1 day

Kanda Sashti Urchavam  6 days

Aippasi (October – November)
Karthigai Deepa Bramorchavam 17 days Karthigai (November – December)
Vaikunda Ekadasi Urchavam  1 day Margazhi (December – January)
Uthrayana Punyakala Bramorchavam 10 days

Thiruvoodal Urchavam  1day

Manalurpettai Theerthavari Urchavam  1 day

Kalasapakkam (Rathasapthami)

Theerthavarai Urchavam  1 day

Thai (January – February)

Maha Sivarathri Urchavam

Masi Makam Pallikondpattu Theerthavarai Urchavam

Masi (February – March)

Panguni Uthiram Thirukalyana Urchavam 6 days Panguni (March – April)

Tiruvannamalai Temple Special Days:




Sri Durgambal Urchavam Sri Durgambal Urchavam on Kamadenu Vahanam Night
Sri Pidari Urchavam Sri Pidariamman on Lion Vahanam Night
Sri Vinayagar Urchavam Sri Vinayagar on Mooshiga Vahanam Night

First day Festival

Panchamoorthis Silver Vimanam Morning
Panchamoorthis Mooshigam Peacock, Adhikara Nandi, Hamsam Small Rishaba Vaganam Night

Second-day Festival

Sri Vinayagar, Sri Chandrasekara Vimanam Sun Crescent Mount Morning
Panchamoorthis, Silver Indra Vimanam etc. Night

Third day Festival

Sri Vinayagar, Sri Chandrasekarar Vimanam, Naga Vaganam Morning
Panchamoorthis, Simha Vaganam, Silver Anna Vaganam etc. Night

Fourth day Festival

Sri Vinayagar, Sri Chandrasekarar Vimanam, Naga Vimanam Morning
Panchamoorthis, Silver Karpagavritcham, Silver kamadhaenu Vaganam and other Silver Vaganam


Fifth-day Festival

Sri Vinayagar, Sri Chandrasekarar, Mooshigam Mirror Rishaba Vaganam Morning
Panchamoorthis, Silver Moohigam, Silver Peacock, Big Silver Rishaba Vaganam display


Sixth-day Festival

Sri Vinayagar, Sri Chandrasekarar, Mooshigam, Silver Elephant, 63 Nayanmars Vimanams


Panchamoorthis Silver Car, Indra Vimanam and other Silver Vimanams Night

Seventh-day Festival

Panchamoorthis Maharahams between 5:30 am & 7 am in Viruchaga Lagnam Ratha Roganam Vadam


Panchamoorthis reach Asthana Mandapam from the Car Night

Eighth-day festival

Sri Vinayagar, Sri Chandrasekarar, silver vimanam Morning
Panchamoorthis, Horse Vaganam etc. Night

Ninth day Festival

Sri Vinayagar, Sri Chandrasekarar, Mirror Vimanam Morning
Panchamoorthis, Kailasa Vaganam, Kamadhenu Vaganam etc. Night

Tenth day Festival

Udayathpurvam  4’O Clock Barani Deepam Morning
Bramhatheertham Theerthavari Day
At  6 pm Panchamoorthis on Golden Vimanams, Jyothi Swarooba Maha Deepam


Panchamoorthis, Golden Rishaba Vaganam etc. Night

First-day Theppal

At  8 pm Sri Chandrasekara Theppal – Sri Abhithakusambal with Sri Arunachaleswarar Giripradhakshanam


Second-day Theppal At  8 pm Sri Parasakthi Amman Theppal Night
Third Day Theppal At  8 pm Sri Subramanjar Theppal Night
Sri Chandikeswarar Utsavam Sri Chandikeswarar Utsavam, Silver Vaganam Night

 How to Reach Tiruvannamalai Temple?

By Air :

Vellore Airport (nearest)                                         – 90 km

By Train :

Tiruvannamalai Railway Station (nearest)              – 2 km

By Road :

Tiruvannamalai Bus Stand (nearest)                       – 2 km



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  4. Any online ticket bookings are available for darishanam?

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  6. Dear sir/madam,
    What time the Abhishekam is performed daily and where can I get the tickets? Do I need to buy a ticket per person for abhishekam?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Abishakam start morning 5:30 a.m onwards , at temple counter we will get tickets
      Further information please contact +91 8500898000, 9393939150 as our customer care executives can assist you properly
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    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      There is no online booking for accommodation and darshan.
      Further information please contact +91 8500898000, 9393939150 as our customer care executives can assist you properly
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