Top 7 Hill Stations

Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Top 7 Hill Stations, Route map and the Best time to visit.

1.Seshachala hills(Tirumala)

2.Araku valley

3.Horsley hills


5.Nallamalla hills


7.Nagari hills

Top 7 Hill stations List

Seshachala Hills

Seshachala Hills

Tirumala is located 3,200 feet or 980 meters above the sea level and covers an area of approximately 10.33 square miles. Seshachala Hills constitutes seven hills called by Seshadri, Neeladri, Garudadri, Anjanadri, Vrushabadri, Narayanadri and Venkatadri. The Lord Venkateswara Swamy temple is on the seventh peak of Venkatadri hill.

Tirupati to Tirumala by ghat road distance is 21kms.the Seshachala hills(Tirumala) is very near to Tirupati.

Araku Valley


Araku valley is a familiar hill station in Andhra Pradesh due to climatic conditions. The place is a pleasure to stay cool in summer seasons, enjoy fog in the winter season and feel feather bunch of clouds in the rainy season. the beautiful scenario of Araku valley attracting tourists all over India. Araku valley is 115kms from Visakhapatnam, Is a breeze hill station in the expanse of Andhra Pradesh, close to the Orissa state border. Enveloped in pastoral beauty, the beautiful valley is situated at 3,200 feet above sea level and is roughly 36kms in the area and is the perfect place to getaway for a couple of days.

Horsley Hills

Horsley Hills

Horsley hills is a famous resort in Andhra is a cooling little hill is the beautiful atmosphere in summer occasions.50kms from Madanapalle, there is a Gurramkonda. It’s a fort said to be built by the Golkonda  Sultans stands about 500 feet high.There are three sides of fort consist of Opposite cliffs. some local legends have it that the name was derived from the fact that a horse was guarding that place and place was incapable of being so long as the horse remained there. It makes a wonderful atmosphere to visit.

Attractions in Horsley Hills:

  1. View Point.
  2. Gali Bandalu/Wind rocks.
  3. Mallama temple.
  4. Kalyani tree.
  5. Horsley hills zoo park.
  6. Gangothri lake.
  7. Rishi valley school.
  8. Chennakesava temple.

Lambasingi Hills


Lammasingi is another name of Lambasingi. It is a small village in Chintapalli Mandal of Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. The Lambasingi place often referred as Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh.Temperatures in this place go as low to December to January.natural resources are very famous in Lambasingi. which are tea and coffee estates. The village is situated at a height of above 1000 mt above the sea level. Another name for Lambasingi village name is “KORRA BAYALU”. Korra means “stick” and Bayalu means “outside”.in the local language it means “if someone can stay to outside the house in the open freeze like a stick”.lambasingi records less than 5 degree celsius even in other seasons than can see the sun only at 10 am every day and it winter around 12 but again by 3 pm this place is very blanked by thick fog.

Attractions at Lambasingi

1.Night campaign at Lambasangi.

2.Kothapalli waterfalls.

3.Bike ride on misty roads

4.Thajangi reservoir

5.Black eyed susan garden

Ananthagiri Hills

Ananthagiri Hills

It is located at Vikarabad in Rangareddy district of Telangana. Osmansagar and Himayath Sagar water can flow in the is one of the dense forests. in Telangana Ananthagiri temple located in the forested area, Musi river is the birthplace which flows through Hyderabad it is a distance of 5km from Vikarabad. Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple also located in this hills. The temple is located at Ananthagiri hills it is nearly 75kms from Hyderabad lord Vishnu is in the form of s Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy and Ananthagiri is named after him.The Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple is located near to the lake. The lake name is Nagasamudram which is located near to Dam.The lake is also known as Kottipally reservoir as it is also known as masonry offers one of the most serene views during monsoons.

Attractions near Ananthagiri Hills

1.Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple.

2.Nagasamudhram lake.


5 Km journey from Vikarabad, there is a circle from here Ananthagiri temple is just 1 km towards the right.

Nallamala Forest

The Nallamala forest is a one of the section of Eastern can joins primarily Kadapa,karnoor,Nellore,Guntur,Prakasam in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh and Mahabub Nagar,Nalgonda of can parallel to coromandel coast run to nearby north-south alignment for nearly 430kms between the rivers of Pennar and Krishna.with the Tirupati hill marked by the flat Palnadu basin while south in the south it Merges .the average elevation of Nallamala today is 520meters which reaches 1100m of Bhairani Konda and 1048m of Gundla bramheswara.there is almost covered with open jungle.the Nnallamala have rather warm to hot climate can maintain throughout the year.rainfall averages about 90cm and it can join to months of the south-west (June to September)monsoon.winters also mostly cool and dry with the average temperature 25 degree Celsius.

Places nearby Nallamala Forest





5.Adoni fort

6.Banaganapalli fort

7.Kondareddy Buruju


9.Belum caves

10.Oravakallu rock garden

11.Alampur Nava Brahma temple

12.Rallapadu wildlife sanctuary

13.Kaluvabugga Rameswara temple

14.Sangameswara temple

Nagari Hills

Nagari is a semi-agrarian and semi-industrialised.located at the river of Kkusasthali in Nagari town of Chittoor district.Nagari hills is a famous picnic spot of Andhra Pradesh.the area which lies on the northeast side in the Nagari town is the called as Nagari hills.very attraction of the hill is towering and mellowest point which is known as Nagari nose because it is very similar to the human nose.the cliff of the Nagari hill is set at an altitude of 855m above the sea level.that place is also known as Nagari is favourite tourist spot to pilgrims.nagari has many favourite temples and frequently visited pilgrims.

Attractions near Nagari Hills



3.mellowest places

Top 7 Hill Stations Reference Link: Srisailam Places

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