Tiruttani Murugan Temple Seva

Tiruttani Murugan Temple

Tiruttani Temple History and Pooja details

Lord Murugan was the main deity in this temple. The Inscriptions drawn on the temple walls says that temple was built by Pallava Kings during 9th-10th Century AD, Later this temple was renovated by Chola Kings.

As per the Folklore, Once Narada visited Kailasa and gifted a Divya Phalam (powerful Mango fruit) to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. Narada set the condition that fruit can’t be halved. It can only be offered to one person whom they love most. Lord Siva called his two sons Lord Murugan and Lord Ganesha then said like this who round this Universe thrice faster will be gifted with the Divya Phalam. Lord Murugan started the journey on his Vahanam Peacock but Lord Ganesh was thinking about his Vahanam Rat. Lord Murugan was surprised to find Divya Phalam with Lord Ganesh. Narada then explained that Ganesh went around his parents thrice who are his universe by this he was eligible for getting that Divya Phalam. Lord Murugan got upset and left Kailasa and started residing on Earth at Palani hills and then moved to Tiruttani hills for Peace.

One day Lord Murugan see King Nambirajan’s daughter Srivalli and wish to marry her. For that, he requested Ganesh to take the form of a wild elephant and frightened her. Murugan saved her and expressed his wish to marry, Srivalli also started loving Murugan and expressed her willingness then they get married here.

In the event of Lord Murugan’s wedding, Indra (God of Heaven) gifted a Sandalwood stone. Even today, sandalwood paste applied to the deity is gathered from this stone only.

An interesting story attached to this temple, i.e., Indra Deva (God of heaven) gifted Murugan with Airavat after marrying his daughter, Devasena. Murugan observed that Indra’s wealth started decreasing as Airavat started moving away from Heaven. Murugan thought of returning Airavat but Indra did not accept. Indra requested Murugan to face Airavat towards him to retain his wealth. That is the reason in this temple elephant image faces towards East.

During the war with Tarakasura, Murugan got injured from the discus thrown by him. Even now also we can see that cleft at the main Idol’s chest.  After the war, Murugan gifted that Chakra to Lord Vishnu.

Tiruttani temple timings:: 05:00 am to 09:00 pm. Darshan starts from 06:00 am.

Tiruttani Panchabrutha Abhishekam

Performed all the days at 08:00 am, 12:00 pm and 05:00 pm.

Ticket Cost: Rs.1500.

Persons allowed: 2

How to reach Tiruttani Temple?

Frequent buses available from Chennai, Puttur, Nagari and Tirupati.

Daily trains available from Tirupati and Chennai.

Nearest Airport is Tirupati which is 62km away.

Reference Link: History


  1. Vel Vel vetri Vel

  2. H lakshmana Rao

    How to book abisekham tickets on line can i also get abishekam personalally which is to be conducted on 13th august 2017 pl reply

  3. Omprakash Reddy N


    I would like to book a panchamrutha abisekham ticket online.we are coming tiruttani tomorrow.

    Is there any chance to book now?


    • Dear Sir,
      You can participate in Panchamrutha Abhishekam on purchasing Rs.100 tickets. Sankalp will be performed for all the devotees who will be there during Abhishekam Timings

  4. which puja is good for kuja dosha people

  5. For child purpose which pooja

    • Dear Sir
      Please perform Panchamrutha Abhishekam for the Murugan which removes most of the hurdles. Kavadi is most powerful at Tiruttani, devotees used to carry Kavadi on getting their wish fulfilled.

  6. Hi, how to get Kalyanam ticket at Tiruttani?

    • Dear Madam,
      You can purchase tickets a day in advance at the counter. Could you let us know the date so that we can let you know the status?

  7. Hi, how to get kalyanam ticket in online? And how many days before we have to book ticket for kalyanam?


  8. Dharisanam allowed or not…in between 1pm to 4 pm

  9. how to book kalyanam online.Can you let me know the procedure.I didnt find any information to book it online

  10. which pooja is best for the aged person who undergoing medical treatment?

  11. what’s the procedure for doing santhanakappu? can we do it on 21st march 2018 ?

  12. Hey i want to abishakam tickets . how to get it online

    • Dear Sir,
      Yes, tickets can be booked in advance. Tickets can also be booked at the counter a day in advance.
      If you are not getting the ticket, nothing to worry, please purchase Rs.100 for the abhishekam and you can participate in the Abhishekam.

  13. How to book abhishekam ticket online ?

  14. Dear sir, We want to participate in the abhishekam tomorrow evening is there any chance I heard only 25 people are allowed

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to get abhishekam done online, it will be performed at 8 am , 12 pm and 5 pm and it cost you Rs 1000.
      Thank you.

  15. I want to do Thiru kalyanam can I do it without advance booking on the same day when I arrive

  16. Dear sir what is the pooja in my health improvement plz. Give me reply and that pooja cost

  17. murali krishna from hyderabad

    rate of kalyanam ticket and time information please

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      kalyanam will be costing you Rs 2500 and and at 10 am it will be performed and its performed on Thursday and Saturday only.
      Thank you.

  18. Hi sir 12th abishekam tickets available

  19. Hi sir 12th abishekam tickets available I want to one’ticket

  20. Hi sir 19 th abishekam tickets available I want to one ticket

  21. Sir,
    II require Kalyanam Tickets for 18/04/2019. Weather available or not. And how I have to book.This is performed on all days or not.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Tiruttani tirukalyanam will be performed daily at 10 am and it cost you Rs 2000 , there is no online booking for that .
      Thank you.

  22. Sir may 9 we want tickets for kalyanam, today we are trying for ticket but we don’t get please help me how to get ticket

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Klayanam will be performed at 10 am and only on Thursday and Saturday it will perform it cost you Rs 2000.
      Thank you.

  23. Rajani Kumar reddy

    Hi sir
    I want to know the amount for panchambruta abhishekam

  24. Hi Sir,

    While booking ticket online i am getting message as your quota is finished.

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