Ananthapura Lake Temple Kerala

Ananthapura Lake Temple: Timings, History,  Location, Pooja Details, Seva Prices, Festivals, Online Bookings.

Ananthapura Lake Temple History

The Ananthapura Lake Temple also known as the Anantha Lake Temple as it is built in the middle of the lake and it is the only lake temple in Kerala. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu, the main deity surrounded by the other deities. The Lake temple has a guardian crocodile named Babiya. It is said that this temple is the original site where lord Ananthapadmanabhaswamy settled.

The temple has many attractions especially Babiya the crocodile which feeds on the sweet jaggery rice (Pongal prasad). It is a myth that Lord Vishnu resides in a small dark cave in this temple and which is been protected by Babiya.  The idol of the lord is been prepared by many herbal plants which are very unique. These organic herbal idols will be replaced by the metallic idols of the deities. The beautiful atmosphere and the paintings of the temple are really mesmerizing.

Ananthapura Lake Temple

  • AnanthaPadmanabhaswamy (Main Deity)
  • Sri Goshalee Krishna
  • Sri Mahisha Mardhini
  • Sri Mahaganapati

Ananthapura Lake Temple Location 

Ananthapura, Naikap,

Kerala 671321,


Ananthapura Lake Temple Timings

All Days Of The Week
Morning 5.30 am – 12.30 pm
Evening 5.00 pm – 7.30 pm

Ananthapura Lake Temple Darshan Timings

Morning 5.30 am to 12.30 pm
Evening 5.30pm to 7.30 pm

Ananthapura Lake Temple Pooja Timings

Morning Pooja 7.30 am
Afternoon Pooja 12.30 pm
Night Pooja 7.30 pm

Ananthapura Lake Temple Babiya Naivedya Timings

Daily 8.00 am to 12.00 pm

Special Occasions

Navaana Tulaa Masa 1
Annual Day(Vaarshikathsava) Kumbha Maasa 14
Every Full moon day Bhajana
Every Krishnashtami Bhajana 6.30 pm to 12.30 pm
Every Annual Day Bhajana 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm
Every End of Karkataka Maasa Ramayana Masacharane Concluding Ceremony
Every Ashtami Ananthapura Play

·       Entry Restricted During – Ame, Sootaka

·       Dark Lungis (Male Devotees)  – Not Allowed

·       Devotees should remove(Males)- Shirts & Baniyans  (During Darshan)

Other Schedule :                  

  • Every Day Free Lunch (Prasadam) For Devotees
  • Every Day Balivadu At Rs 30/-

Seva Prices

Ritual Price
Kaartika Pooja Rs 25/-
Special Kaartika Pooja Rs 75/-
Kaartika Pooja With Deepaalankarana Rs 250/-
Panchakajjaya Rs 10/-
Kumkumaarchana Rs 6.00/-
Swayamvara Pushpanjali Rs 40/-
Pushpanjali Rs 6.00/-
Karpooraarti Rs 4.00/-
Balivadu Rs 30/-
Haalupayasa Rs 25/-
Jaggery Payasam Rs 30/-
Trimadhura Rs 15/-
Ksheeraabishekam Rs 6.00/-
Pushpahaara Rs 10/-
Special Prarthana Rs 10/-
Kalasha Japa Rs 15/-
Sahasrs Namarchana Rs 30/-
Astottara Archana Rs 15/-
Panchamruta Rs 30/-
Ganapati Homam Rs 200/-
Pavamana Sookta Abishekam Rs 150/-
Durga Namaskara Pooja Rs 125/-
Taila Abishekam Rs 30/-
Annaprasadam Rs 25/-
Vidhya arambha Rs 30/-
Shani Japa Rs 12/-
Shani Sankalpa Pooja Rs 60/-
Shaastra Pooja Rs 40/-
Tambila Rs 100/-
1 Day Nanda Deepa Rs 25/-
1 Month nanada Deepa Rs 600/-
1 Day Nanda Deepa (Ghee) Rs 70/-
1 Month Nanda Deepa (Ghee) Rs 1200/-
Pratima Samarpane Rs 6.00/-
Purusha Sookta Abhishekam Rs 15/-
Sarvaseva Rs 200/-
Shaashwata Pooja Rs 750/-
Mosalege Naivedya Rs 30/-
Pournami Bhajane Rs 10/-
Satyanarayana Pooja Rs 175/-
Shi Tulaabhaara Rs 60/-
Tambila Rs 50/-
Vivaaha Rs 300/-
Balivadu (1 kg White Rice, 1 Coconut) Rs 15/-
1 Day Pooja Rs 300/-
1 Hour Pooja Rs 150/-

How To Reach Ananthapura Lake Temple

By Air:

Mangalore Airport (Karnataka) (nearest) -56 km

Calicut International Airport (nearest) – 222 km

By Train:

Kasaragod Railway station (nearest) – 14 km

By Road:

Regular Buses, Private vehicles for hire are easily available

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