Ashokastami Mela

Ashokastami Mela History

Ashokastami Mela Date and Timings

The Ashokastami Festival is one of the important festivals of Tripura especially at Unakoti Hills at the Kailasahar. This festival is celebrated annually during the months of March and April. A great crowd of people flock to Unakotti Thirtha during Ashokastami and offer puja’s to the deities carved on the walls of Unakoti hills the main ritual is the devotees flock here for a holy dip in the sacred river Ashtami Kund.

This festival is widely celebrated in Tripura, during this festival both Tribal and Non – Tribal people mingle up. As the rituals of Tripura are the blend of Hindu trend and the Tribal trend. During this Festival a fair is also conducted known as Ashokastami Mela / Ashokastami Fair.

Ashokastami Mela Timings :


Months Of March / April

Ashokastami Mela Rituals :

·       Offer Puja to deities.

·       Holy dip (In Ashtami Kund)


How to Reach Unakoti Hills :

By Air :

      Kailashahar Airport                    – 10 kms

By Train :

      Dharmanagar Railway Station   –  20 kms

By Road :

      Kailashahar Bus Stand               – 11 kms

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