By walk to Vaishno Devi Temple from Katra, Timings and Parchi

By walk to Vaishno Devi Temple, Entry Timings and Darshan Pass Booking procedure

Walk Route to Holy Cave from Katra 

Pilgrims walk to reach the Holy cave from Katra. Otherwise, they can travel by Palkis, Ponies, Pithoos, and some can travel by Helicopter also.  

By Walk to Vaishno Devi Temple

The two routes to reach Holy Cave. One is Old route and another is New or Alternate Track. And the third route is started after inaugurated by Narendra Modi, PM of India, in 2018 May with its name as Tarakote Marg. 

Old Route to Vaishno Devi Bhawan from Katra by walk

This Route was renovated in August 1986. After its renovation, the entire track was re-laid, widened, made pucca, and tiled. Some Sharp gradient stretches to made gentler and improved also. A large number of parapets have been constructed and railings have been provided to avoid dangers. The rain shelters were constructed to protect pilgrims and more than 5 KM of this track have been covered against vagaries weather. 
Devotee can take portable water at 120 water points and 20 water coolers while their walk. And Sanitary arrangements were also provided along the track.  The lightning facility on the track with more than 1200 High-Pressure Sodium Vapor Lamps. 
This track start from Banganga to Bahwan via Ardhkuwari and Sanjichhat. Devotees can take Pony, Pitthoos, Palkis (palanquin), and Battery Car for making easy and convenient travel.  

New Route to Vaishno Devi Temple from Katra by walk

This route is 500 meters shorter than the Old route. This track is a much wider and gentler slope, which makes it easier to negotiate. This track has two viewpoints, three sales outlet/refreshment units, drinking water points, and water coolers that have been constructed/installed. Near Himkoti viewpoint, a number of Tea/Coffee, Soft drinks sales outlets have been installed with a Dosa point. And Sanitary services are also provided to devotees. Battery vehicle facility is available at Indraprastha (Ardhkuwari) and Manokomana Bhawan for infirm, sick, and handicapped devotees. 
This track starts from Banganga to Bhawan via Ardhkuwari and Himkoti. Devotees can get Pithoos, Palkis, and Battery Car. Devotees can’t get Ponies on this track. 

Tarakote Marg to Vaishno Devi Temple by walk

This track was inaugurated by Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi, in May 2018. N. N. Vohra, Governor of Jammu & Kashmir and also the chairman of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board (SMVDSB) proposed to construct an alternate new track between Banganga and Ardhkuwari, to decongest the rush of pilgrims on the existing 6 KM track. 
This track is having a cleaner and scenic route with two Bhojana Layas, 7 toilet blocks well equipped for the elderly and the specially-abled people, 16 water ATMs. The medical unit, also, has been set up. 
This track starts from Tarakote to Bhawan via Ardhkuwari and Himkoti. There is only a Battery car available for infirm devotees. Devotee can’t find Ponies, Pithoos, and Palkis on this track. 

Notes to remember for Hiking: 

  • Be cautious with Yatra slip throughout the journey. 
  • Yatra slip issues by Yatra registration counter in Katra. 
  • Yatra slip will cross-check at Ban Ganga/Tarakote check post. 
  • Walk on a paved track, not on stairs. 
  • Ponies, Pithoos, Palkies, and Battery Car are not for luggage carrying. 
  • Don’t relax at warning notices are displayed. 
  • Please avoid resting near landslide-prone areas. 
  • Video Cameras and other electronic equipment are not allowed on the track. Please keep in lockers or make arrangements for their safekeeping at Katra itself. 
  • Don’t eat betel and try to maintain the sanctity of the Holy place. 
  • Medical Aid Centres at Katra Bus Stand, Ardhkuwari, Banganga, and Sanji Chhat, opens 2 pm – 8 pm. 
  • On arrival at Bhawan, obtain the group number at the Yatra slip.  
  • Freshen up and wear fresh clean clothes before proceeding for the Darshans. 
  • Deposit your Coconut, instead of breaking that Coconut in Temple premise, inside the main waiting hall against a token. 
  • Devotees need to book accommodation in advance. Blankets are available free of cost for outside rest/sleepers. 
  • Woolen clothes require at night for all seasons. 
  • In all seasons except the summer season, Woollen clothes required. 
  • Please cross-check authorized Pony, Palki, Pithoo, and Battery Car before confirming them. The authorization comes under the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board (SMVDSB), they have their authentic id-cards from SMVDSB. 
  • Please don’t entertain strangers and Beggers, and also unauthorized people from SMVDSB. 

How to Reach 

  1. By Airport: Jammu Airport at 34 KM. 
  2. By Railways: Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra Railway Station at 2 KM. 
  3. By Roads: State Road Transport Corporations, as well as private operators, connect Jammu with Important cities and towns of North India.