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Pangong Tso Lake – Pangong Tso Lake History, Timings, Entry permit, Itinerary, Best Time to Visit, How to Reach, Contact info, Location and online booking

Pangong Lake in English:

Pangong Tso Lake situated near Leh-ladakh in Himalayas is one of the popular tourist destinations. This is an endoeheic lake which measures about 4,350m height and about 134 km long. The lake is popularly known for its colour changing ability. The lake shows the shades of blue to green and green to red. The lake is filled with the saline salty water which gets frozen during winters. This lake is popular filmy spot for many of the Bollywood movies. As the weather at the Pangong Lake is mesmerising it attracts great tourist crowd towards it. Visitors should seek the permit to visit the lake as it extends from India to Tibet (China). The lake is also known for the bird watching especially the migrating birds like ducks, seagulls during summers; also one can spot the Kiang (wild ass) near the lake.

Pangong Lake in Hindi:

हिमालयमेंलेह-लद्दाखकेपासस्थितपैंगोंगत्सोझील (Pangong Tso Lake)लोकप्रियपर्यटनस्थलोंमेंसेएकहै।यहएकएंडोएहिकझीलहैजोलगभग 4,350 मीटरकीऊँचाईऔरलगभग 134 kmलंबीहै।झीललोकप्रियरंगबदलनेकीक्षमताकेलिएजानाजाताहै।झीलनीलेसेहरेऔरहरेसेलालरंगकेरंगोंकोदिखातीहै।झीलनमकीननमकीनपानीसेभरीहुईहैजोसर्दियोंकेदौरानजमजातीहै।यहझीलबॉलीवुडकीकईफिल्मोंकेलिएलोकप्रियफिल्मीस्थलहै।जैसाकिपैंगोंगझीलकामौसममंत्रमुग्धकरदेताहै, यहपर्यटकोंकीभीड़कोअपनीओरआकर्षितकरताहै।आगंतुकोंकोझीलकीयात्राकरनेकीअनुमतिलेनीचाहिएक्योंकियहभारतसेतिब्बत (चीन) तकफैलीहुईहै।झीलकोविशेषरूपसेग्रीष्मकालकेदौरानदेखनेवालेपक्षीकेलिएबीजानाजाताहै।

Timings to visit Pangong Lake, leh ladakh:

All Days of the Week

8.00 am to 5.00 pm

Leh Pangong Tso Lake Entry Fee:

Indians Rs 20/- per person (Inner line Permit)

Note: Foreign nationals have to obtain Group permit (at least 3 Persons) to visit the lake.

Best Time to Visit:

Summer season is the best time to Visit

Itinerary of Pangong Lake Ladakh:

2Days Trip to Pangong Lake

  • Day – 1 Leh – Hemis Monastery to pangong Tso lake:

Start from Hemis head toward the Lake, campaign at the lake in the tents (Overnight)

  • Day – 2  Pangong Tso Lake to Thicksey Monastery to Shey Palace to Leh

From the Pangong Lake one can cover Thicksey monastery, shey palace and Leh.

How to Reach Pangong Tso,Leh?

By Air:

Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport (Leh) is the nearest Airport which is 143 km away.

By Rail:

Jammu Railway Station is the nearest Railway Station which is 900 km away

By Road:

  • Private taxis (regularly) are the available to access the lake. (Taxis starts for solo travel at a price of Rs 10,000/-)
  • Bus facility available on Every Saturday and Sundays only at 6.30 am (Ticket price = Rs 130/- per head approx.)