Dimapur Shiva Temple

Dimapur Shiva Temple

Dimapur Shiva Temple History, Timings, Route Info, Darshan

Dimapur Shiva Temple History

The Shiva temple at Dimapur of Nagaland is a famous Shiva temple. Nagaland is the dominated by Christianity but the importance to the Shiva temple is also at a peek range. The Shiva temple of Dimapur is located in a village named Singrijan is dedicated to Lord Shiva. A number of devotees visit the Shiva temple of Dimapur daily. The temple is crowded during the festive Maha Shivratri.  The Shiva temple of Dimapur resides a Svayambhu Lingam (Shiva Lingam naturally formed).

The Shiva temple was constructed in the year 1961 by the local villagers. The ancient stories say that the temple was established due to some reason. The legends say that those were the days in Rangapahar Reserve Forest, the story began here. A tribe of the village to earn his daily bread went to the forest and started to work with his wife. The tribe sharpened his wife over a  stone which was mysterious. As the tribe was rubbing his knife to sharpen some liquid was oozing out of the mysterious stone. The tribe was shocked and left to home.

During the night the tribe saw a dream in his sleep that the stone which was oozing liquid was speaking to him it (stone) appeared as a saint and was saying that it is none but it is the Lord Maha Shiva. The saint in his dream said the tribe to build a temple there in the forest. Later in the morning, the tribe ignored it as it was a dream. The dream was repeated three times. But at the fourth time in the dream, the tribe was warned that if he didn’t follow the saying something very bad would happen.

A very next day after the warning in the dream the tribe said the news to all the villagers. Then all the villagers started to construct a temple. During the construction, all the villagers faced a huge problem. They were unable to lift the Shiva Lingam to replace it properly. On the day an old man of the village dreamt that the Lingam will be moved or made it stand when seven unmarrieds (Kanya) will offer milk to the Lord. Then the priest advised the Seven Kanyas to offer milk to the Lord and all villagers worshipped the Lord.

The Lingam was made to stand and thereby villagers worshipped the Lord daily and a temple was dedicated to the Lord. The temple is crowded with the devotees and on February 22nd  the first “Maha Shiva Ratri”, from then at every year this great festival is celebrated an people visit the temple daily and worship with concentration and on Maha Shiva Ratri people from all over the country visit the Shiva temple of  Dimapur.

Dimapur Shiva Temple Timings

All The Days Of The Week

6 am to 8 pm

NOTE: Temple timings vary on special and on festive days

Dimapur Shiva Temple RITUALS :

Shiv Aarti and poojas according to daily schedule (6 am to 8 pm)
Special pooja ( On Shivratri & On Special Days)

Dimapur Shiva Temple FESTIVALS :

Nishita Kaal Puja 12:26 am to 01:16 am
Maha Shivaratri Parana 07:04 am to 03:45 pm
Ratri First Prahar Puja 06:38 pm to 09:45 pm
Ratri Second Prahar Puja 09:45 pm to 12:51 am
Ratri Third Prahar Puja 12:51 am to 03:57 am
Ratri Fourth Prahar Puja 03:57 am to 07:04 am



·       Milk

·       Flowers

·       Fruits.

How to reach Dimapur Shiva Temple?


·       Dimapur Bus Stand – 14. 8 Km


·       Dimapur Railway Station –  44 Km (approx)


·       Dimapur Airport –  164 Km (approx)


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