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Ellora caves History, Entry Timings, Entry fees

The Ellora caves of Aurangabad, Maharashtra, constructed in 6th – 8th century the Ellora caves totally shows about 34 rock cut caves. The caves are famous for the Hindu, Buddhists and for Jain temples. But the cave 16 known as the Kaisala temple is the most famous cave of Ellora. The Ellora cave is famous for the historic architect essence. The most spectacular look of this caves is the mode of construction which makes these caves unique from the rest, that is the Ellora caves are built in the downward to upwards which totally in opposite direction. This opposite construction of these caves is the splendid point of view. This one of the worlds UNESCO site, and it also deserves for the credit, these caves are constructed by the Hindu dynasties like Rashtrakutadra, Yadav dynasty constructed the Jain caves and the Buddist dynasties constructed the Buddhist caves. These caves are earlier called as ” Cerul or Elura ”  later as Elapura. Now it is known as Ellora Caves.

  • Cave 1: Houses some of the best – preserved wall painting here, which include two impressive Bodhisattva, Padmapani and Avalokiteshvara.
  • Cave : 6, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 21, 29, 30, 30A, 31, 32, 33, 34 must to see . Incriptions were found at cave 15, 21, 31.
  • Dashawatar (cave 15)
  • Kailasanatha temple (cave 16)
  • Chata Kailash (cave 30)
  • Dhumar Lena (cave 29)
  • Jain group of Ellora caves (cave 31 – 34 ) (North of dhumar Lena)
  • Waterfall (Next to Dhumar Lena )
  • Ghrishneshwara temple Rd verul half a kilometre from the caves. it is the 18th century.

Ellora Caves Entry  Fee:

10 Rs per person (Indians)
250 Rs per person (foreigners)
25 Rs per camera video photography
Note: Guide services at ticket counter

Ellora Caves Entry Timings:

   9 am to 5:30 pm

Except for Tuesday (close)

Travelling Facilities For Ellora Caves:

         By Road :

Aurangabad Bus station  –  30 km

         By Air :

Aurangabad Airport   –  37 km


By Rail :

Jalgaon Railway Station


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