Tadoba National park

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

Tadoba National park Information, Park Timings, Entry fees

The Tadoba National park also known as Taru (name of God), it occupies an area of 1727 sq. Km, it was established in 1955. The Tadoba national park is present in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra (India). This park is one of the largest and oldest national park which posses a great treasure of different animal and plant species. The Tadoba national park is covered by bamboos and teak and spread with marshlands cliffs and lakes and others. The Tadoba national park is known as Land of Tigers as the Tadoba shows a large number of tigers ( nearly 43 tigers).

The Tadoba shows about Leopard, Sloth Bear, Gaur (Indian Bison), Rusty Spotted Cat, Sambar, Indian Mouse, Deer, Ratel, Wild Pig, Flying Squirrel, Spotted Deer, and  Some of the major wild animals that are always found in this park which include the main most wild animals like , Four-horned Antelopes, Blue Bulls, Barking deer, Wild boars and Langoors..etc.

The Tadoba national park consists of some special places like Tadoba Lake, Urjanagar Lake and temples like Shiv Mandir, Ayyappa Mandir and Hanuman Mandir…etc. The Tadoba national park is been partitioned as Tadoba north range, Kolsa south range and Morhurli range. The Morurli range preset in between the north and south range.This national park also features one river named Tadoba river and two lakes named Tadoba lake and Kolsa lake, these water sources that is the river and the lakes are very much essential for the sustainability of the life of  Tadoba national park.

Tadoba National park Entry fee:

Car / Jeep Rs 20/-. per day
Heavy vehicle Rs.50/- per day
Levied private vehicles. Rs 1,000 (extra)
Gypsy fee (6 seats) Rs 2,000

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve Jeep Safari Price

Monday to Friday:

Car/Jeep Rs 750
 Minibus Rs 1,500

Tadoba National park Safari Prices at weekends and government holidays:

Car/Jeep Rs 1000
Minibus Rs 2000

Photography charges at Tadoba National park:

Still Camera Rs 2/-
Camera (lenses 250 mm & above) Rs 200 /-

Safari Timings In Tadoba National Park :

        Period                               Morning



    Entry                          Exit

1st oct to 30th nov 6 am to 8 am                         10 am 2:30 pm to 4 pm        6:30 pm
1st Dec to 28th/29th Feb 6:30 am to 8:30 am                11 am 2 pm to 3:30 pm         6 pm
1st mar to 30th April 5:30 am to 7:30 am                10 am 3 pm to 4:30 pm        6:30 pm
1st may to 30th june 5 am to 7 am                           9:30 am 3:30 pm to 5 pm        7 pm

 Tadoba National Park Elephant Ride Fee:

       Indians       Foreigners
Normal days Rs 200/- Normal days  Rs 600/-
Special days Rs 300/- Special days  Rs 1800/-

How to reach Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve?

By Bus: Nearest

Chandrapur  Bus station  –  45 km

By Train: Nearest

Chandrapur Railway Station  –  45kms

By Air: Nearest

Nagpur Airport  –  140 km

For Tadoba National Park Tour package, Please call @ 85000 87012


  1. I want to booking in may month.navegoan jharana gate.

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      Please let us know the date and how many members. Gypsy may not be available on all the days as advance booking required. Canter will be available.

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        You can book that online for booking the safari and accommodation at tadoba national park please contact 8500898000.
        Thank you.

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      Yes, we can provide Gypsy safari along with accommodation for the mentioned date. Please call us @ 8500898000


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  4. Is Tadoba Tiger reserve open in the month of June? I am planning to visit on a Sunday in the month of June this year.

  5. Please help me arrange my 2 day safari

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      Sure, Safari can be arranged. Please let us know the date and how many members per trip?
      You can contact at 8500898000 for further details


    • Tadoba safari
      Date 7 may
      Hotel and safari booking
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        Tadoba safari can be booked online and accommodation also can be booked, please call at 8500 898 000.
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  6. MD Riyaz Ahmed Khan

    Hi can you I arrange safary for 18 persons including children on 20th June 2018 or we can take our vehicles? Please clarify.

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      Sure, It can be arranged for the group. Please call @ +91 93 93 93 9150

      • I am at Pauni ,Bhandara,from which gate I should enter,I want booking in may for normal days for two adult ,my both child below five ,how should I book and what r the charges for entry and gypsy,I HV my own vehicle too,is it open in evening

        • Dear Sir/Madam,
          You can book it on line in advance for booking Tadoba safari please call at 8500898000. Gypsy safari is available .
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    • i want moharli get on 8/03/2019 morning now call me

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        You need to book online for booking the tadoba national park safaris please contact 8500898000.
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      It is fully booked the month of May. Safari with accommodation can be provided as a package.

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    • Dear Sir,
      Please let us know the group size and safari timings required. Jeep safari package is available for the large and medium size group.

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  12. Bus booking procedure for Tadoba

  13. Dear Madam,
    Price will be charged per vehicle ie. Gypsy. So Single person cannot be calculated.But you can have the safari in canter which is individual

  14. Dear Madam,
    Yes, it is open for Safari.

  15. Namdeo Wamanrao Dhale

    I want booking in November 2018

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      sure sir we can help you for booking safari as well as accommodation in tadoba
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  16. best season to visit ?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      From 1st oct to 30th November and 1st December to feb 29th. from 1st march to 30 th April and 1st may to 30th June.
      Thank you.

  17. how much cost for 2 people for gpsy and also bookings booking is compalsary

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      You need to book that online for booking please check with the temple counter.
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  18. Sir tomorrow for jungle safari 5 person s booking is it possible plz contact 8805748919

  19. Sir tomorrow for jungle safari 5 person s booking is it possible plz contact ,,,8805748919

  20. What is the entry fee of safari park per candidate and what is cost of jeep and how to book tickets.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Jeep safari will be costing you Rs 20 and if you need special jeep it cost you Rs 2000.
      Thank you.

  21. we are planning for safari on 14th Jan afternoon or 15th early morning. We are 6-7 of us.
    can you suggest which is best morning or afternoon safari in Jan. Also can you arrange for safari booking , if yes what will be the charges?

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      You need to book online the safari, please contact 8500898000 for booking and further assistance.
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      Had a great experience, you need to book online for booking please contact 8500898000
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    We wish to Visit Tadoba National Park on 2nd December 2018. How we get the entry ticket and vehicle for Trip. We are 7 people. How we book entry. We are comming from Pune to Waror ion 2-12-2018. We wish to visit on 2nd afternoon. Is it possible
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    Dipak Joshi Mobil 9604052085

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to book online for safari booking and complete details please contact 8500898000.
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      You need to book online for booking tadoba national park safari , please contact 8500898000 .
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  29. Can we get safari n entry tickets for Tadoba in 20 the December 18, for 4 adult s n 2 kids

  30. Sir, we wish to plan tadoba and jungle safari on 8th dec to 9th dec. Please guude me sir how to book.we are 5
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    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to book in advance for booking the safari in tadoba please contact 8500898000.
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  31. What is entry fees of 6 person in tadoba

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      it cost you around Rs 2000 per head for safari in zypsy, for detailed information and timings please contact 8500898000.
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  32. pls help me to booking 15/12 and 16/12 at tadoba pls guide me to how to booking for 5 people we are planned to come pls do needfully.

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      You can take your cameras with you , for booking safari please contact 8500898000.
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  41. My friend has booked my safari… It is in Feb 19..but I don’t know dates… I don’t have talkative terms with him now… How can I find dates with my name… Plz suggest and help… I will b very thankful…plz help…

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      Its not possible to get that ,You need to check that with which site he booked .
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      You can book tadoba national park jeep safari and accommodation as well please call at 8500898000 for booking .
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  43. Suraj Appaso Taware

    I want to book 4 safaris and 3nights stay (Saras resort or king Tiger Resort Tadoba) with 4 people. Arrival date 27/5/2019. Please arrange the booking according to. If these dates are not available then pls arrange the nearby dates.

    Please send me the quotation on surajtaware@gmail.com


  44. Can I know if any private tour operators do the tadoba tiger reserve safari. Could I have their contact details please. Planning safari for 2 pax , on 9 and 10 February, any available time- preferably morning. 8 February evening also can be considered.

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      yes zypsy safari will be arranged as per your requirement please do call at 8500898000.
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    We 5 people are planning to visit tadoba national park Safari in the month of April, could you please help us with jypsy price and timings, need more details about tiger siting etc..

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      You can avail zypsy safari in two slots and for booking safari call at 8500898000 .
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    b) staying in the National park c ) all arrangements for 2 jeep safari d) 2 canter safari and e) one elephant safari.
    Can it be arranged ? If so please mail me the total costs separately for 2 persons.All bookings shall be arranged by you. Regards-k.c.debnath.M- 9830595615.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
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  51. Dear sir.is it Tadoba valley is open in the month of july.please reply me.

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