Illikkal Kallu

Illikkal Kallu Kerala:

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Illikkal Kallu Kerala History:

Illikkal Kallu Kerala is one of the popular tourist destinations of Kerala. It is about 6000 feet above from the sea level. The Illickal Kallu is one of the highest peaks of the Western Ghats.

Illikkal Kallu Accident Kerala:

What makes it special is it is only half of its reign is left the other half is been destructed in a massive earthquake. It is a steepy walkway which has to be trekked to get the breathtaking view of Illickal Kallu. The rock surrounded by three hills with distinct names. One of the hills is named as “Kuda kallu” in Malayalam which means Umbrella or Mushroom shaped. The other is named as “Koonu Kallu” which means stroked with some hunches.
Across the Koonu Kallu hill “Narakapalam Bridge” means Bridge to hell is located. This bridge is about half foot wide. From the peak of Illickal Kallu one can spot the giant Arabian Sea just as a blue stroke. This rock is highly popular for its spectacular beauty and also it gives away the powerful medicinal herb (Neela Koduveli) which grows at the hill. The landscape of Illickal Kallu resembles the pillar rocks of Kodaikanal. This place is perfect for photography, also for trekking. This place has as much as beauty but also should be very careful as the path to the destination that is the summit of the Illickal Kallu includes risk. To get the great look of Illickal Kallu one should be careful and cautious. This can be reached easily from Kottayam or from Vagamon. One can spot Illikkal Kallu on the way to Vagamon via Kanjor, the view from Vagamon is also spectacular.

Illikkal Kallu Distance Kerala:

It is About 3 km trek to reach the Summit i.e. the Illikkal Kallu (Rock)

Illikkal Kallu Weather:

The Weather of is quite misty as it is above 6000 ft above from the sea level, it is quite chilled and misty.

Illikkal Kallu Route:

Route From Kottayam Palaerattupetta → Thekkoye → Adukkom Route

Route From Moonnilavvu Eratupetta → Illikal Kallu

Illikkal Kallu Resorts Kerala:

Palette Hill View Resort
Chillax Vagamon
Heaven Valley Resort
Hotel Olive International Resort
Rock Fort Garden

Illikkal Kallu Home Stay:
Anns Homestay
Tabernacle Homestay

How to Reach Illikkal Kallu Kerala?

By Airport:
Cochin International Airport is the Nearest Airport which is 85 km away from Illikkal Kallu Rock.

By Railway Station:
Kottayam Railway Station is the Nearest Railway Station which is 55.4 km away from the Illikkal Kallu Rock.

By Road:
Kerala is well connected with other major cities. Also, one can hire a private vehicle to Reach Illikkal Kallu Rock.


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