Kaziranga Elephant Safari

Kaziranga Elephant Safari Timings, Entry Fee, Tour Packages, Online Booking

The  Kaziranga national park facilitates Elephant Safari to the visitors. The Elephant Safari extended over the areas of Mihimukh, Arimarah, Baguri, Hole Path and Kohora Central Park. It is advised for the people who go for an elephant ride, to cover themselves or to wear trousers to cover legs to protect themselves from abrasions from the elephant grass.

The Safari starts in the very early morning and continuous till afternoon at 1.00 pm or one and half an hours. The Elephant riding booking is done in the region of the elephant ride site on spot, but it depends on the availability of elephants. If the elephants are not available has to go to alternative or else should wait.

Note :

  • If Elephant Safari Not Available – Alternative Car Safari Will Be Arranged.
  • On Thursdays, The Forest Is “Closed “

Kaziranga Elephant Safari Price:                                                              

Morning  5:30 am to 6:30 am
Morning  6:30 am to 7:30 am


Elephant Safari Covering Areas & Costs :

Agaratoli Eastern Range Indians

Rs 325 /-


Rs 1025 /-

Kohara Central Range Rs 325 /- Rs 1025 /-
Bagori Western Range Rs 325 /- Rs 1025 /-


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