Places To Visit In Nashik Trimbakeshwar

1. Anjaneri Mountain

Anjaneri Mountain is 30kms from Nasik to Trimbakeshwar. It’s the birthplace of Lord Hanuman, Son of Anjani Devi. This mountain is named after Hanuman’s Mother Anjani Devi, Here in the Mountain Anjani Devi performed deep meditation for children and Lord Shiva blessed her Hanuman.

There is a saying that Hanuman spent his childhood and grew up over the mountain. From the base of Anjaneri Village, it takes 2hours to reach the top of the Mountain. Parking is available at the base of the mountain.

Main Attractions at Anjaneri Mountain:

1. Water flowing over the stairs during Monsoon.
2. The number of beautiful waterfalls on the way.
3. Mysterious Lake on the Top.
4. Anjani Mata Temple.
5. Reverse Waterfall on end of the Plateau.
6. Old Jain temple on the way to Anjaneri Village.

Time To Be Spent: 2-3 Hours.

How to Reach Anjaneri Mountain:

Nashik Airport to the Mountain – 55 KMS

Nashik Railway Station to the Mountain – 39  KMS

Nashik Bus Station to the Mountain – 29  KMS.

Anjaneri Mountain Address:

Anjaneri Village, Anjaneri Mountain, Maharashtra 422212

2. Brahmagiri Hill Nashik Trimbakeshwar

Brahmagiri Hill Nashik

Brahmagiri Hill is a mountain range in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, situated in the Nasik District of Maharashtra. Nasik is the birthplace of River Godavari.

Place to be visited when one visits Trimbakeshwar Jyothirlingam Temple. Godavari river flows for 1,465 kilometres (910 mi), first eastwards across the Deccan Plateau then turns southeast, entering the West Godavari district and East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, until it splits into two watercourses that widen into a large river delta and flow into the Bay of Bengal.

Saint Gautam along with his wife Ahalya resides on this hill. The river flowing on this hill is also known as River Gautami.

The water flows in three directions on the mountain. One flowing towards east becomes Godavari river, one flowing towards the south is Vaitarni river and the one flowing towards the west is called the west-flowing Ganga and meets Godavari near Chakra Teerth. River Ahalya meets Godavari in front of the Trimbakeshwar temple.

There is a shrine dedicated to Goddess Ganga. The river appears here as coming out from the mouth of Nandi. Kolambika Devi temple and a group of 108 Shivalings are seen nearby.

Brahmagiri Hill Nashik Timings:

24 hours.

Time To Be Spent: 2 Hours

Brahmagiri Hill Trimbakeshwar Address:

Near Trimbakeshwar Temple, Nasik, Maharastra, India.

How to Reach Brahmagiri Hill:

Nashik bus station to the hill – 3o KM.

Nashik railway station to the hill – 39 KM.

Nashik Airport to the hill – 55 KMS.

3. Gajanan Maharaj Ashram in Trimbakeshwar

Gajanan Maharaj Ashram History

Gajanan Maharaj Ashram is a big Marble of Gajanan Maharaj  which has a long hall for Meditation.

According to the history of Gajanan Maharaj, the birth date is unknown. Devotees believe Gajanan Maharaj as the avatar of Lord Ganesh and Lord Dattatreya.

Bhakt Niwas is the lodging facilities provided by the charitable trust of Gajanan Maharaj for the devotees at reasonable but also at the cheapest price.

Gajanan Maharaj Ashram Timings:

24 Hours.

Gajanan Maharaj Ashram Accommodation:

Service provided by the staff is excellent.

Lunch and Dinner are available at the cost of Rs. 30/-.

There is no online booking for the rooms to stay in.

Gajanan Maharaj Ashram Entry Fee: Free Entry.

Gajanan Maharaj Ashram Photography:

Photograph is Allowed.

Gajanan Maharaj Ashram Dress code:

No strict dress code

Gajanan Maharaj Ashram Address:

Jawahar Road, Trimbak, Nashik, Maharashtra 422212

How to reach Gajanan Maharaj Ashram :

                Nasik bus stand to Ashram – 33 KM

                Nasik railway station to Ashram – 37 KM

                Nasik Airport to Ashram – 54 KM.