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About 20 Top Places to Visit in Shirdi.

Shirdi a small village located in Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra. This is one of the most famous holy places to visit in India. This Shirdi is also known as the Land of Sai and is one of the most beautiful places to visit in India. Here are the 20 top places to visit in Shirdi.

  1. Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple
  2. Samadhi Mandir
  3. Shani Shingnapur
  4. Gurusthan
  5. Dwarkamai
  6. Khandoba Mandir
  7. Hanuman Mandir
  8. Baba Chavadi
  9. Lendi Baug
  10. Dixit Wada Museum
  11. Wet N Joy Water Park
  12. Nashik
  13. Trimbakeshwar
  14. Kolhapur
  15. Sai Teerth Theme Park
  16. Thursday Palki Procession
  17. Jangli Maharaj Ashram
  18. Sri Tatya Kote Samadhi
  19. Pandharpur
  20. Sai Heritage Village

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Festivals Celebrated in Shirdi 

Shirdi celebrates some of the festivals very grandly. The list is of festivals celebrated are

  • Sri Ramanavami in the months of March/April
  • Guru Poornima in July
  • Eid in July
  • Vijayadasami/Dussehra in the months of September/ October.

Best Time to Visit Shirdi

The best time to visit Shirdi is in the months of December to February (winter) and March to May (summer).

How to Reach

By Road – There are a number of RTC and private buses and taxis from the Mumbai daily. Shirdi has a bus station which is well connected from all over the country and the state.

By Rail – Railway Station in Shirdi connected to all the major cities in India. Distance from the railway station to the city is 3 KM and one can reach within ½ an hour by walk and 10 minutes by car.

By Air – the Shirdi Airport is well-connected from all the major cities in India. The distance from the airport to the city is 14 KM and reaches within ½ an hour.


Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Trust, (Shirdi), PO: Shirdi Tal. Rahata District, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra – 423109, India.

Top 20 Tourist Places Near Shirdi

1. Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple

Shri Shirdi Sai Baba

Shri Shirdi Sai Baba, a spiritual master regarded as both Saint and Fakir by his devotees. He is respected as the Guru by both Hindu and Muslim even after his life. Sai Baba is now treated as the incarnation of Sri Dattatreya and is considered as Saguna Brahma by the devotees.

In August 1918, Sai Baba told to his devotees that he would leave his mortal body and at the end of September Baba suffered from high fever and stopped eating. On 15th October 1918, Baba took his last breath. This is the day of Vijayadasami in the Hindu calendar that year. The temple with his idol and Samadhi were placed in the Samadhi Mandir you see know to worship Sai Baba. This Samadhi Mandir is also known as the Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple.

2. Samadhi Mandir

Samadhi Mandir

Samadhi Mandir is the place located in Shirdi which is named after Shri Shirdi Sai Baba. Baba after his life rests as a saint in this Mandir. The Samadhi Mandir is built with white marble stones and the surroundings of the Mandir were decorated with ornaments. Devotees of Sai Baba wishes to visit this place.

The Statue of the Sai Baba was built by Balaji Vasant in 1954 and was situated in the Samadhi Mandir. The temple has an open hall that can accommodate more than 600 visitors. On the way to Samadhi Mandir, devotees can experience the life of Sai Baba through the paintings.

The poojas, abhishekam, and Aarthi are done 4 times a day at the temple. The day will always begin with the Bhoopali Song and ends with the Shej Aarti. The temple is the main attraction of Shirdi and the number of devotees visits the place every day.

3. Gurusthan


Gurusthan is the place situated under the neem tree in Shirdi where baba appeared for the first time to the world as a 16 years boy. The place is installed with the Shivling and the Nandi right in front of the Linga.

Devotees will believe that lighting the incense sticks at this Gurusthan will cure all the illnesses of the person. This Gurusthan means “The Seat of the Teacher”.

4. Dwarkamai in Shirdi


Sri Sai Baba came to Shirdi with the marriage procession and stayed back here till his last breath.                                                                                                                              This Dwarakamai was the old mosque in a dilapidated condition. Sai Baba used to solve the problems of the people, in a sense of health issues and worries and is one of the must place to visit in Shirdi. The 1st level has a portrait of Baba and a big stone on which Baba used to sit on it with 2 rooms. The 1st room contains Chariot and the 2nd room has a Palkhi. The 2nd level is a square stool made of stone on which Baba used to take bath. This level also has a grinding stone and a wooden vessel called Kolamba.

5. Baba Chavadi

Baba Chavadi

Baba Chavadi is the place in Shirdi where Baba used to sleep alternate nights here. It’s generally a very well-maintained meeting place in Shirdi to collect taxes and books at that time. One can see separate entries for men and women for worshipping Baba and can have a peaceful darshan. This Chavadi is near to the Samadhi Mandir and Dwarakamai.

6. Lendi Baugh

Lendi Baugh

Lendi Baugh is the place near to Gurusthan. This is the garden that is daily watered by Baba at that time. Nalla is the drain that used to flow previously here. Baba used to come here every morning and afternoon to rest under the Neem tree. An Octangular Deepgriha was built in the marble stone and is named as Nanda Deep at this place. The garden also houses Datta Mandir which was installed on 6th December 1976. 

7. Hanuman Mandir

Hanuman Mandir in Shirdi

Hanuman Mandir is the oldest temple and is the must-visit places in Shirdi and one of the 3 places where the idol of Hanuman is in leaning posture. The temple faces south and has huge Hanuman images side by side. This is the place where Sai Baba at that time used to visit very often the temple. Hanuman is the deity of wrestlers and hence there are some weights and dumbbells kept at the corner of the temple. This place is hence an auspicious place to exercise for young men. This temple is located near to Samadhi Mandir, Dwarakamai, and Chavadi.

On special occasions, Palkhi of Sai Baba will stop at the Hanuman Temple and devotees worship Baba and Hanuman together.

8. Thursday Palkhi Procession

Palkhi Procession

Palkhi Procession is an auspicious thing one would love to attend without fail when in Shirdi and is one of the places to visit in Shirdi. This Palkhi Procession starts from Samadhi Mandir every Thursday to Dwarakamai and then moves to Chavadi. This process has some roots in the days when Sai Baba was alive. From 1910, Sai Baba started to spend alternate nights in Chavadi from Dwarakamai. At this time Tatya Kote Patil accompanied Sai Baba by Palkhi.

The Palkhi Procession on Thursdays is followed like this-

  • Around 8:00 PM Sai’s old portrait is wrapped in a Royal Robe, sacred staff and sacred Paduka kept in a silver plate are placed on the throne at the Samadhi to be worshipped by the devotees.
  • At 9:00 PM the devotees of Sai Baba gather at the main hall of Samadhi Mandir and sing songs like bhajans and abhyanga.
  • At 9:15 PM the procession will start from the Samadhi Mandir carrying Baba’s portrait under big umbrella, staff, and Padukas.
  • Priests carry lighted incense sticks along with the procession.
  • The Sai Baba portrait handling is done with the Tatya Kote Patil’s family members.
  • As Thursday is considered as the most important day of worshipping Sai Baba. A number of devotees visit the place on Wednesday attend Sai Baba early morning Aarti (Kakad Aarti) on Thursday and participate in the Palkhi Procession.

9. Dixit Wada Museum

Dixit Wada Museum Shirdi

Dixit Wada Museum is the place located in Sri Sai Baba Sansthan Trust that showcases the life of Sai Baba with his followers. This museum displays the leather Padukas, smoking pipe, long robes, gramophone records, cooking utensils, bathing stone, grinding stone and many more.

10. Khandoba Mandir

Khandoba Mandir

Khandoba Mandir in Shirdi is one of the 13 most important temples dedicated to Khandoba other than Jejuri near Pune. This is the place where Sai Baba was spotted as a Fakir when he came to Shirdi for the 2nd time with the marriage procession. Sai Baba set his foot under the Banyan tree near this Mandir and the Priest Mhalsapati first spotted the homeless fakir and welcomed into Shirdi.

11. Sri Tatya Kote Samadhi

Sri Tatya Kote Samadhi

Sri Tatya Kote Samadhi is situated near the Lendi Baug and is regarded as one of the most loved ones of Sai Baba. Devotees who visit Sai Baba will visit the Samadhi of Sri Tatya Kote. The darshan is very easy as the devotees won’t face heavy rush.

12. Jangli Maharaj Ashram

Jangli Maharaj Ashram

Jangli Maharaj Ashram is the place located 7 KM away from Shirdi. This ashram is maintained and managed by Spiritual Guru Om Gurudev. This is a co-educational residential institute for children.

13. Sai Teerth Theme Park

Sai Teerth Theme Park

Sai Teerth Theme Park is the 1st spiritual theme park in India of Sai Baba. Devotees can experience the magical sacred story dedicated to the Guru Sai Baba. This Sai Teerth is established by Malpani Group which is one of the most modern wonders of entertainment and technology. 


The theme park has 4 custom-buildings with world-class attractions of themes that are amazing for the visitors with the size and power of created experience within each visitor attending the theme park.

The devotees can travel the journey of all the holy places in India within 12 minutes of the movie that includes places like Dwarka, Siddhivinayaka, Puri Jagganath, Badrinath and many more.

Devotees can also experience the 5-D view of historic Lanka Dahanam. As a final experience, one can get the blessings of Sai Baba with India’s 1st created humanoid using animatronics and robotics.


For Sabka Malik Ek – The devotees can experience in the Gaint Screen Movie with dimensions of 36 Feet x 72 Feet for 53 minutes.

For Teerth Yatra – Devotees will have a temple ride for 12 minutes.

For Lanka Dahan – Devotees have a preshow and a movie with 5D experience for 26 minutes.

For Dwarakamai – Devotees will be experiencing the divine blessings of Humanoid Show for 15 minutes.

Entry Fee

This theme park charges the entry fee. For Adults, the cost of the ticket is Rs 350 and for children, the ticket cost is Rs 249.

14. Sai Heritage Village

Sai Heritage Village

Sai Heritage Village is the place in Shirdi which is the combination of Sai Baba blessings and beauty of nature. This place will display the events done in Shirdi at the time of Sai Baba in the form of statues on how Baba used to live in the city and how the devotees of Baba used to worship him and many more.

Entry Fee

The entry cost is Rs 125.


The Sai Heritage Village will be open from morning 8:00 AM to evening 8:00 PM.

15. Wet N Joy Water Park

Wet N Joy Water Park

 Wet N Joy Water Park is one the amusement theme park in Shirdi started by Malpani Groups. The park is situated just 10minutes walk from the temple. This is the place where one can enjoy and have fun other than the spiritual feeling in Shirdi. The park offers a number of adventure attractions for both young and elder ones. Wet N Joy Park offers mouth-watering food served in the restaurants.  


The park will be open on all days of the week from morning 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Entry Fee

The entry fee for Adults is Rs 700, Children Rs 400 and Senior Citizen Rs 350.

16. Nashik


Nashik the religious city where Kumbh Mela has organized one in 12 years and is one of the places to visit in Shirdi. This city has even placed in Ramayana. The place houses a number of temples like

  • Panchavati and many more.

This Nashik city is also famous for Sula Vineyards.

17. Trimbakeshwar


Trimbakeshwar is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India and located on the foot of Brahmagiri Hills. The city is also famous for its origin of River Godavari and is one of the places to visit in Shirdi. This city is heaven on earth. The special feature of this place is the Jyotirlinga has 3 faces symbolizing Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Maheshwara.  

18. Shani Shingnapur

Shani Shingnapur is the place located near to Shirdi and the number of devotees who visit Shirdi will visit this place. This place is famous for the Hindu God Shani and has a Shani Shingnapur Devasthanam Trust that is registered under Mumbai Public Trust Act.

19. Kolhapur


Kolhapur is a small town located in Maharashtra and is one of the places to visit in Shirdi. It is also one of the top industrial areas in India famous for Chappals, and necklaces. The chappals are made with handmade leather dyed with vegetable dyes. The place is famous for

20. Pandharpur  


Pandharpur is the place in Maharashtra and devotees visit the place on the visit to Shirdi. The place is famous for

This Pandharpur is regarded as the South Kashi of Maharashtra situated on the banks of River Bhima. This Bhima River is also known as the Chandrabhaga.