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About Patnitop

Patnitop also known as Patni Top is the beautiful hill resort located in the Udhampur District of Jammu and Kashmir. The place is originally known as “Patan Da Talab” meaning “Pond of the Princess”. According to the history the princess used to bath daily in this pond.

Patnitop is located at an altitude of 6640 Ft, on top of a plateau. Patnitop is a perfect picnic spot for its dense deodar forests, tranquil atmosphere, breath-taking view and rolling hills. Spring is believed to have medicinal properties and can be visited if time permits. During winters tourists come in number to participate in the outdoor activities like skiing and trekking.

Patnitop is the perfect place for photography, golf, paragliding, aero sports, horse riding and many others. Tourists can also visit the nearby places- The Naag Temple, Bahu Fort, Sudh Mahadev, The Buddha Amaranth Temple, Gaurikund and Shiva Garh.

Weather In Patnitop:

                The weather will be maximum of 20degree Celsius.

Best Time To Visit:

                Throughout the year.

How To Reach:

                Jammu Airport to Patnitop – 110 KM.

                Udhampur Railway Station to Patnitop – 46 KM.

                Udhampur Bus Station to Patnitop – 45 KM.


                Patnitop, Udhampur District, J&K 182142.

Places to Visit Patnitop:

1. Nathatop

Nathatop is located at an altitude of about 8894 Ft, above the sea level. The hill station beauty enhances double in winter as the place is covered with snow. People from different parts of the country come here to experience offered by the place like Skiing, Paragliding. The tourists can get the excellent and clear view of the Himalayas from these hills. 

Nathatop attracts many tourists for paragliding facilities offered by it. These rides are from Patnitop to Sansar road which is Dawariyai i.e., approximately 2 KM.

High-flying is also originated from Nathatop and land at Kud. As per the climatic condition the duration of flights can vary from 15 minutes to an hour.

How To Reach:

                Patnitop to Nathatop – 13 KM.

Patnitop Entry Fee:

                Free Entry.



Patnitop Timings:

                6:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Time To Be spent:

                2-3 Hours.


                Nathatop, Patnitop, Udhampur District, J&K – 180001.

2. Sansar Lake

Sanasar Lake has situated 20 Km far from Patnitop. The lake is famous for aero-adventure sports because of its attractive landscapes and dense forests. The main attractive adventures include all the air, water and land such as rock climbing, parasailing, paragliding, bungee jumping, skydiving, abseiling and hot-air balloon, car racing, cliff-climbing, hiking, mountain biking, skating, and skiing. The place is also known as Mini-Gulmarg. The lake is surrounded by the dense forests of cedar and green meadows.

Sanasar Lake Timings:

                24 Hours.

Preferred to visit in the mornings to experience the adventurous event.

Sanasar Lake Entry Fee:

                Free entry and separate fare for the adventures.

Time To Be Spent:

                2-3 Hours.

How To Reach:

                Patnitop to Sanasar Lake – 20 KM.


                Sanasar Lake, Patnitop, Udhampur District, J&K – 182143.

3. Naag Mandir

Naag Mandir is the temple in Patnitop is the oldest temple situated on the top of the hill and its existence is about 600 years ago. The temple is dedicated to “Naga Devta”, the god of snakes. It’s an historic temple, built by Pandava.

The quiet and superb condition of the sanctuary makes the place an ideal spot to the dive in some contemplation or brief soul-looking. Females are not allowed inside the temple.


                Naag Panchami is celebrated, lots of people come here to offer prayers and have Prasadam.

Naag Mandir Timings:

                24 Hours.

Time To Be Spent:

                1-2 Hours.

How To Reach:

                Tourists have to visit the place from Patnitop by cab.


                Naag Mandir, Patnitop, J&K – 182143.

4. Sudh Mahadev

Sudh Mahadev is the highly worshipped temple in Jammu. The temple is located in Chanhani town near Patnitop. The temple is a home for Lord Shiva in the natural black marble Lingam with a Trishul and a mace. There a holy place near the temple named Pap Nashni Bowli that holds the reputation of cleansing the sins of anyone who bath under it.

The history says that, When Sudheet the fiend came to visit Goddess Parvati, she screamed out of fear provoking Lord Shiva to throw the Trishul and kill after seeing the fiend. After knowing the mistake Lord Shiva revived the fiend; from then the place is known as Sudh Mahadev.


Ashad Poornima Festival is the celebrated in the temple. It is the 3 day festival held in June of every year. During the festival many cultural programs like dance and music are performed. A small fair is also organised where number of devotees rush Sudh Mahadev.

How To Reach:

                Patnitop to Sudh Mahadev – 44 KM.

Sudh Mahadev Timings:

                5:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Time To Be Spent:

                1-2 Hours.

Sudh Mahadev Entry Fee:

                Free entry.


                Sudhmahadev, Jammu and Kashmir 182141.

5. Baglihar Dam

Baglihar Dam is known as Baglihar Hydroelectric power project. The project is estimated to cost 1 billion dollars. The first phase of the project was completed in 2004 and the 2nd phase is completed on 10th October 2008, Ex-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India dedicated to 900-Mega Watts Baglihar Hydroelectric power project to the nation.

After the construction began in 1999, Pakistan claimed that design parameters of Baglihar Project violated the Indus Water Treaty of 1960. The Indus Waters Treaty of 1960 divided the Indus River — into which the Chenab flows — between the two countries and bars India from interfering with the flow into Pakistan while allowing it to generate electricity.

The height of the Dam is 472 Ft, length is 1040 Ft, and the dam volume is 63,566,400 cu ft. The total capacity of the dam is 321,002 acre.ft.

Address: Baglihar Hydel Power Project, J&K 182143.             

6. Chenani-Nashri Tunnel

Chenani-Nashri is the tunnel in Udhampur of J&K, the longest road tunnel project in the country opened for traffic in April 2017. The road tunnel is inaugurated by PM Shri Narendra Modi. This tunnel is built at the foot of Himalayan Mountains and is 9Km long which connects the districts of Chenani and Nashri. The project costs 723 million dollar investment.

The scope of the contract included architectural, fire protection, structural, lighting and ventilation, civil, electrical and mechanical works, SCADA, traffic control, video surveillance, emergency call and communications works.

The highway remains close for 40 days a year due to bad weather conditions.

Address: NH 44, Patnitop, J&K.              

Places To Visit In Patnitop

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