Ambubachi Mela Assam

Ambubachi Mela

Ambubachi Mela Importance, Festival Dates and Timings, and details

The Capital city of Assam, the Guwahati consists of the famous temple of the Kama roop of mother goddess Kamakhya. The Kamakhya temple is located on the Nilachal hill is one of the shakti peet of the 51 shakti Peets of Matha Sati. The Kamakhya temple shows the yoni roop of the goddess Kamakhya.


          During Ambubachi the mother goddess Kamakhya is meant to undergo the menstrual course. During this session, the mother goddess is considered as highly powerful. The Kamakhya temple doesn’t have any kind of an idol of the goddess. It is said that the yoni part of the mother goddess is situated in this Kamakhya temple. And during Ambubachi continuous flow of menstrual fluid takes place. And this course of the mother goddess is celebrated as Ambubachi among the local language of Assam.

Ambubachi Mela Festival Timings:

Every Year Ambubachi is celebrated.

Monsoon Season between June and July.

Devi Prashad:


Angodak: Body fluid.

Angabastra: Cloth or fabric covering the body.

During Ambubachi The Yoni structure of Mother goddess Kamakhya is covered with a cloth or fabric. The devotees of Kamakhya are very much eager to receive the angodar (body fluid) or angabastra (fabric/cloth). Which is filled with body fluid of goddess Kamakhya. The red cloth considered to be composed of the body fluid of goddess  Kamakhya is been distributed as prasad (small bits of cloth). The devotees believe that the prasad has the high power to attract good luck. during this festival, a great population of sanyasi, agoras, sadhus…can be seen celebrating the feminine power as a festival.

Ambubachi Mela Temple Timings

All days of the Week (Monday – Sunday)
(Morning ) 5:30 AM to 10 PM (Evening )
On Special Days Timings will be Changed.