Murlen National Park Mizoram

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Murlen National Park History:

The Murlen National Park located in Mizoram is one of the beautiful national parks. It ranges about 245 kilometres from Aizawl to Mizoram also the temple is near to the other tourist spot the Chin Hills.  Adjacent to Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary the National Park is located. It was declared as the National park in 1991.

The park is stretched to an area about 100 square kilometres. The Park shows a few caves named :

  • Tan Tlangis
  • Lamsial Puk
  • Zokhawthar
  • Hnahlan
  • Thumkhuai Kham

These caves are filled with localities, the Khampui is one of the greatest consideration to be the famous precipice of the Indian country. This National Park houses the treasure of endangered species of flora and fauna. This Park is especially famous for threatened Avian species.

This park is beautifully surrounded by many rivers and streams flowing through it , these water sources play a major role in supporting the wildlife of the Murlen National Park. The Thumkhuai Kham of the Murlen National Park is the largest cave which lodges minimum of 40 people. Also a rich population of different animal species and monkeys especially.

The Murlen Park is one of the most important bird areas supporting several threatened species of birds like Hume’s Pheasant, Common partridges, Hill myna, dark rumped swift, Peacock, Pheasant, Sunbirds etc. Similarly, the Khampui of Murlen National Park supports many wildlife species. The Khampui is raised up to 600 feet high.

This National Park has an area of forest where not even a single Sun’s ray could penetrate, this area of Murlen National Park is known as the land of no return or losing an area of 7 fellow-men. At this area during the heavy sunny days, just 1% of Sun’s rays penetrate due to this thickness, hence this forest of this National Park is compared with the Amazon forest, Amazon is also famous for its thickness.

Murlen National Park Entry Timings :

9 am to 5: 30 pm

Murlen National Park Entry Fee :


(At Murlen National Park Entry)

Murlen National Park Adventure Events :

  • Trekking
  • Jungle Safari
  • Bird Safari

Other Attractions :

  • Caves
  • Rivers & Other Streamflows

Best Time to Visit Murlen National Park :

October to March

Note :

Entry Ticket & Permission Mandatory
Talking Loudly Not Allowed
Tape Recorders & Transistors Not Allowed
Camera Allowed
Guides Available 

How to Reach Murlen national park:

By Air: Nearest :

      Shillong Airport               – 245 km

By Train: Nearest :

      Silchar Railway station    – 185 km

By Road: Nearest :

      Champhai Bus Stand        – 50 km