Patna Museum Bihar

Patna Museum History, Details, Route Info

The Patna Museum is well known as Jadhu Ghar in the national language Hindi. The Patna Museum house the antique piece related to British era, Gupta, Kushan, Mauryan, Mughals and Sunga. The Patna Museum interlinks the past with the present generations. The Patna Museum was established by  Lieutenants Governor of Odisha and Bihar and Edward Gait. The museum beauty is lifted by the surrounding greenery of parks. The Patna Museum totally houses 45,000 exhibits in it. But only a small partition if the exhibits are displayed due to space constraint.

The Patna Museum is composed of 2 floors which exhibits various galleries like :

  • Art Gallery & war-weapon Gallery
  • Budda Relic Gallery
  • Bronze Galley
  • Indian Stone Art Tradition
  • Mahapandit Rahul Sankrityayana Gallery
  • Natural History Gallery
  • Orissan Stone Sculpture
  • Painting Gallery
  • Patliputra Gallery
  • Rajendra Gallery
  • Stone Sculpture Gallery
  • Terracotta Gallery

The Patna Museum exhibits the finest artefacts and the architecture of its own, the special effects of the museum are the Buddha Relic Casket and the Didarganj Yakshi.

The Buddha Relic Casket is a holy expression as it is composed of the holy ashes of Lord Buddha. This statue was built in the year 1958 – 59. These ashes were found at the mud stupa in Vaishali, it was constructed by Lichchavis during the way of 5th century BC. The Buddha Relic Casket composed of a leaf, a silver piece and a glass bead which are found in the lowest layer. The Buddha Relic Casket is made up of Soap – Stone.

The Didarganj exhibits the 2300 years old statue of Chauri – Baerer, which is called as a life-size tall statue as it was found on the river bank of the sacred Hindu river Ganga. This Chauri – Baerer statue is an awesome antique piece available since the era of Ashoka periods. The statues upper part gives a flawless touch and the massive look of the statue leaves an expression of a woman holding a flying whisk (Chauri) in the right hand where at the same time left hand is missing which raises a question mark expression in every vision. This statue was reached to the hands of the museum in the year 1917.

Patna Museum Entry Timings:

All days of the week

(except Monday)

10:30 am to 4:30 pm

Patna Museum Entry Fee:

Indians per person Rs 20 /-
Foreigners per person Rs 250 /-
students group Rs 2 /-
students with ID cards Rs 5 /-
Lock room – per bag Rs 2 /-

Buddha Relic’s Gallery Fee:       

Indian Rs 100 /-
Foreigner Rs 500 /-

Patna Museum Camera Charges :

Mobile camera Rs 20 /-
Flash camera Rs 100 /-
Video camera Rs 500 /-

Patna Museum Guide charges:

1 person Rs 25 /-
2 to 5 Rs 50 /-
6 to 10 Rs 100 /-

How to Reach  Patna Museum:

By Air :

      Patna Airport                     –  1 kms

By Train :

      Patna jn Railway Station   –  3 kms

By Road :

      Mithapur Bus Stand           –  9 kms