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Famous Top 10 Temples in Tirupati Tirumala to visit during the trip.

Sri Kapileswara Swamy Temple in Tirupati

Temple is 3 km from Tirupati bus station and is reachable by Auto / Bus. Temple Pushkarini called by Kapila Theertham (Alwar Theertham). Sage Kapila installed Siva Linga here. As per Puranas, one must take bath in this Theertham before starting to Tirumala.

Sri Govindaraja Swamy Temple in Tirupati

This temple is at a walkable distance from Tirupati Railway station. The idol was installed by the Saint Ramanujacharya in 1130 AD. The temple gopuram is a 7 storeyed structure. There is no Abhishekam for the deity.

Sri Kalyana Venkateswara Swamy Temple at Srinivasa Mangapuram in Tirupati

As per the Legend, Lord Venkateswara stayed here at Sage Agastya Ashram with his Consort Padmavathi Devi for 6 months. It is believed that Lord Venkateswara blessed that “whoever performs Kalyanam at this shrine will be blessed with good spouse”. Temple is famous for Kalyana Kankanam. This temple is 16 km from Tirupati bus station and can be reached by Bus/Auto and Taxi.

Sri Padmavathi Devi Temple at Tiruchanur in Tirupati

As per the Legend, Goddess Padmavathi Devi took birth in a Golden Lotus in Padma Pushkarini on Sukla Panchami of Karthika Masam. This day is marked as Panchami Theertham. Lakhs of devotees take bath in the Padma Pushkarini on this holy day.

Sri Agastheeswara Swamy Temple at Mukkoti in Tirupati

This temple is close to Srinivasa Mangapuram and is situated on Tirupati to Chandragiri Road. This temple is dedicated to Lord Siva. The Idol was installed by the Sage Agasthya. It is one of five Siva temples which are connected by the River Swarnamukhi.

Sri Parasurameswara Swamy Temple at Gudimallam in Tirupati

This is temple was built in 2 BC. From the inscriptions, it is known that this temple received huge contributions from Pallavas and Cholas. As per the Legend, Parasurama an incarnation of Lord Vishnu did penance to get rid of the Sin Killing his mother Renuka Devi. Brahma who was roaming in the same forest as a Brahma Rakshas thought of performing penance here to get rid of the sin. Parasurama and Brahma had dispute while collecting flowers from Chitrakona (Water pool). They fought for 14 years, Parasurama then stood on Brahma’s shoulders. Brahma prayed Lord Siva as he was not able to bear the pain. Lord Siva pleased with their prayers, relieved them for their sins.

Sri Kodanda Rama Swamy Temple in Tirupati

Temple is located within the city which can be reached by Auto. The direct bus is not available from the bus station or Railway station. This temple was built in 10th Century AD. This temple was built to mark the visit of Lord Sri Rama.

ISKCON Temple in Tirupati

ISKCON Temple can be reached by Bus/ Auto rickshaw or Taxi. In the year 1982, TTD offered spaced to ISKCON to built the temple in the holy city.

Sri Parasareswara Swamy Temple at Yogimallavaram in Tirupati

Temple is located on the way to Tiruchanur. As per the Legend, Lord Siva appeared as a hunter (Mallu) for Arjuna who as a Yogi, to test his skils before granting the wish. Sage Parasara installed the Siva Linga here.

Sri Prasanna Venkateswara Swamy Temple at Appalayagunta in Tirupati

This is temple 16 km from Tirupati bus station. The direct bus is available from Tirupati with less frequency. Lord Venkateswara will be in Abhaya Hastha, which means boon-giver.

Famous Top 10 Temples in Tirupati Tirumala: Temples in Tirupati

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