Tirumala Top 7 Visiting Places

Tirumala Top 7 Visiting Places

Tirumala Top 7 Visiting Places List

1.Srivari Padhalu

This place has been mentioned in the Vedas and other important scriptures of Hindu region. As per the folklore, Lord Venkateswara set his second feet on Tirumala hills near Narayana Giri hills. It is one of the seven divine hills, where his sacred feet touched the ground.The distance between Srivari Padhalu and the main temple is only 5kms. Devotees can easily visit both the shrines on the same day as part of their Tirupati trip.

2.Chakra Theertham

Chakra Theertham name derived from Chakra (Lord Vishnu’s Sudarshan Chakra), the discus of lord Vishnu. As per the Legend, Lord Braham requested for a holy place on the Eart to perform penance for which Lord Vishnu carved out an area with his discus. One can find Chakrathalwar image near to the Theertham. This theertham is 2 km from the main temple.

3. Silathoranam

Silathoranam, a natural rock formation near Chakra Theertham. It is second of its kind, in terms of the rock formation. This place is 1 km from Tirumala temple with a height of 3 meter and width of 8 meter. From the geological studies, it is known that this rock formation is of 1.5 billion years old and belongs to pre-cambrain era.

4. Japali Theertham

Japali theertham is another divine place to visit during Tirupati trip. It is believed that Lord hanuman born to Anjana Devi at this place in Tretayuga. One can find Self-manifested Vinayaka on the tree trunk which is 100 meters from the temple. It is said that Mata Sita took bath in this holy tank, hence the name “SEETHA KUND”. As per the folklore, Sage Japali did penance here for years. Hence the name “JAPALI THEERTHAM”. This place is 5 km from Tirumala main temple

5.Akasa Ganga

Theertham is 4 km from the main temple. Water from this theertham will be used for Lord Venkateswara’s Abhishekam and temple activities. As per the legend, Lord Venkateswara himself showed this Theertham.

6.Papavinasanam theertham

Papavinasanam this place is called papa (bad karma) Vinasam (word off) this sacred theertham stream. This theertham is 3 Km away from the Tirumala temple. It is believed that taking bath in this Theertham will be relieved from Sins committed in the Current life.

7.VenugopalaSwamyy temple

Sri Venugopala Swamy temple falls on the way to Akasa Ganga, which is about 5km from main temple Tirumala. This temple was maintained by Swamy Hthiramji mutt.


Tirumala Top 7 Visiting Places: List


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