Kanger Ghati National Park

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Kanger Ghati National Park Timings, Entry fees, Route Info

The Kanger Ghati National Park also known as Kanger Valley National Park. It was declared a national park in 1982 by the Indian government. The Kanger Ghati national park is located in the Bastar region of Chhattisgarh, is famous for limestone caves, waterfalls…etc. The Kanger Ghati national park is about 200 square kilometres ( 77 sq mi ). The name of this national park is derived from the Kanger River. The Kanger Ghati national park is regarded as the hotspot of biodiversity of central India. The Kanger Ghati National park is a type of deciduous forest, it shows the dominance of bamboo trees and sal teak. According to the Botanical Survey of India, the Kanger Ghati National Park has a total of 553 floral species among which 43 species are rarely reported and 12 species are new to Chhattisgarh. The Fauna of Kanger valley shows animals belonging to the cat family, barking deer, langurs, jackals, hill myna, red jungle fowl, peacocks, parrots, teeters.etc

Details of Flora :

553 Floral species (12 new species, 43 rare species…etc)

Floral diversity shows the following :

Gene bank of medicinal plants,


Wild sugarcane,

In situ  grasses,




Canesteak and

Bamboo & its rich associates.

Details of  Fauna :

The major population of Fauna shows tigers, leopards, Langurs, red fowls…etc and different species with a different population can be seen.

Fauna diversity shows the following :

16 species of amphibians,

26 species of moths,

37 species of reptiles,

49 species of  mammals,

56 species of fishes,

91 species of butterflies,

113 species of  spiders and

144 species of birds.

birds.e Special spots to visit at Kanger Ghati National Park:

  • Nature trail from Kailash cave to Kailash Zheel (1.5 km)
  • Nature trail from Kamanar barrier to Tirathgarh waterfalls (3.0 km)
  • Kotamsar Barrier to Kotamsar (5 km)
  • Netanar barrier to Kailash cave (5 km)
  • Kanger Dhara to Kotamsar Barrier (7 km)
  • Tirathgarh waterfalls to Tirathgarh barrier (7 km)
  • Kotamsar Barrier to Kotamsar cave (10 km)

Kanger Ghati National Park Entry Fee:

 Rs 25 /-     for Indians
 Rs 200 /-   for foreigners

Travelling Facilities :

By Air :

      Jagdalpur  Airport                     – 32 km

By Train :

      Jagdalpur Railway Station       – 32 km

By Road :

      Jagdalpur Bus Station              – 20 km




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